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*** Zharth's l33t Avatars is still on the web!!! ***

I'd like to thank the following affiliates who have helped to compile our large database of avatars here on this site:
CherryBlossom, Atomize, Kakarotto, GUNDAMPILOT, Iapetus, Vash68, ssj5gokuuk, LinkOcarinaMan, MechaSlayer, Tallgeesethree

I'd like to give out special thanks to Kakarotto
for keeping this site afloat after I had given up on it!
You did a fine job, and kept the avatars coming in!

Neo_Avataro's Address to the People (1/30/09):

It's time to admit what many of you have suspected for so long. I, Neo_Avataro, am in fact, the one and only, zharth.

Back in the olden days many years ago, a joke was made, that an avatarsmith would become the god Avataro, when he accomplished the task of creating a clicking head kodama avatar (the little guys from Princess Mononoke).

Well, I was an amateur in the realm of creating animated gif avatars in those days, so I set that task as a goal to sit ahead of me, though it got waylaid somewhere along the line.

After the site's main popularity phase, there was a decline, and an eventual abandonment of the project, and the lifestyle. But after that dormant period, I found myself desiring a modest resurrection for the site. I didn't have the time or desire to be a full-time avatarsmith, but I wanted to leave open the option for adding a few new avatars here and there, as the mood struck me.

To avoid taking up any burden of responsibility, I masked myself as the mysterious Neo_Avataro. But once masked, I couldn't admit my true identity because I felt unworthy of taking the name of Avataro upon myself without having accomplished the task of creating a clicking head kodama avatar. So I was forced to work in the shadows. Which, in all fairness, is a comfortable place for me to work. ;)

But now, though it may be a tiny accomplishment in today's climate of avatarsmithy, I can at the very least claim to have finally, after all these years, submitted the effort of creating a clicking head kodama avatar!

And thus, I, zharth, can now rightfully claim the title of Neo_Avataro. It's not much, these days, but it's a matter of fulfilling destiny, and it is where I belong. And so the story ends.

Well, I still (and always) reserve the right to create a few new avatars here and there (and sporadically do). So, if you happen through every once in awhile, there might just be something new and exciting waiting to be discovered. You never know. Keep your eyes on the Neo_Avataro page to find out.

And in the meantime, as it is, as it always was, and as it ever shall be, all the avatars on this site are sitting here waiting to be picked up and used by you (yes, you), absolutely free of charge - you don't have to tell me, you don't even have to credit me. These are your avatars, folks. Enjoy them. :)


(3/08/09) I've started creating some larger sized avatars, more suitable for today's modern forums. In order to clearly differentiate those from the old school 50x50 avatars, I've ported all of Neo_Avataro's small sized avatars to the main page. From here on out, Neo_Avataro's page is dedicated solely to larger sized, modern avatars. Zharth's l33t Avatars is not quite so obsolete anymore!

(1/30/09) In porting the site over to, I took the opportunity to clean up a bit, re-organize some of the pages, etc. There are a few small additions of avatars that never made it up originally, but those cases are minor, and all the avatars that were available five years ago, are still available today - they're hopefully just a little bit easier to find. :)

Note: Since around 2004, ALL updates will be/are/have been made only in the Neo_Avataro section. Any exceptions to this rule (if there are ever any exceptions) will be announced here. Check out Neo_Avataro's avatars, you never know when more will appear!


CherryBlossom's avatars are bordered in pink.
Atomize's avatars are bordered in red.
Kakarotto's avatars are bordered in aqua.
(Many of Kakarotto's avatars are not bordered,
because of the time he has spent as sitemaster)

GUNDAMPILOT's avatars are bordered in purple.
Iapetus's avatars are bordered in green.
Vash68's avatars are bordered in black.
ssj5gokuuk's avatars are bordered in bronze.
LinkOcarinaMan's avatars are bordered in turquoise.
MechaSlayer's avatars are bordered in crimson.
Talgeesethree's avatars are bordered in white.


(The Beginning)___I started my avatar trade shortly after joining with AnimeNation's Forums. It had just finished completing a massive upgrade and has been, for me, a great substitute for the forums on that have since been eliminated.

(May 2004)___I am incredibly proud of how much popularity and use this site has gotten, back in the days when I was one of the premier Avatar Smiths in the avatar trade surrounding's forums. Soon enough, it got to be too much for me, and for awhile I let Kakarotto run the site, but it soon became too much for him as well. So then it sat for awhile, with little or no updates, and life went on. The avatar trade has gone out of my control/knowledge, and the only thing I know is that this site is still here for message board users who are interested in the kind of avatars we carry. I can't really call myself an Avatar Smith anymore, but every once in awhile I get a desire to make a few avatars, like in the old days. I guess it's just in my blood; it certainly was a fun trade. Well, anyway, for now I'm gonna keep the site around, all thanks to the mysterious one named Neo_Avataro, who is the only Avatar Smith contributing to this site left. Keep up the good work, Neo_Avataro! Don't forget to check out Neo_Avataro's avatars, in the neo_avataro section. There's no telling when more will show up!

(January 2009)___The avatar trade has no doubt left me in the dust. Back in my day, we only got a measly 50x50 pixel square to advertise our visual likeness (or likes) on the net. Nowadays, there are some programs that go so far as utilizing full body three-dimensional figures! Of course, those are on the extreme end of things, but technology is constantly advancing, and these days, avatars tend to be bigger and shinier and motionier than they used to be. And so my avatar database becomes less and less useful as the years go by. And yet it remains. And though some may consider it a relic of the past, a token in memorial of what used to be, the fact remains, that for those humble webcrawlers that may still be out there, the avatars on these pages are still quite usable (and still quite free). So, take a gander, you just might find something you like. ;)


___If you wanna get in touch with me, you can shoot me an email at Otherwise, check out my current webpage at for up-to-date information about me, my life, and my interests. Thanks for stopping by, and remember, all the avatars on this website are free to use - you don't even have to tell me. Remember to check Neo_Avataro's section every now and then. Please note that the Guestbook is no longer functional, however I am leaving the links here for old time's sake.

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