Boss Strategies

___Have you ever come across a boss that seems so ridiculously tough that you just threw the controller onto the floor and screamed in anguish? Well, I have. However, there seems to be a trick to every boss that can turn an impossible battle into merely a difficult one, or sometimes into a ridiculously simple one!! Both of these extremes can be experienced when battling Wrexsoul, which I believe to be the hardest and the easiest boss in the game. In any case, I have provided information and tips on beating some of the more challenging bosses in the game below, so use them well!

Tips: your attacks will miss most of the time or do only 1 damage if they hit, but don't despair, Cactrot has only 3 HP! For a guaranteed hit, use a powerful sword such as the Illumina. Also, you can have Relm sketch the Cactrot and hope for a Blowfish which will kill the Cactrot with 1000 damage (or you can have Strago cast it on his own). Also, Umaro frequently hits the Cactrot for massive damage. Once crushed, you will gain a whopping 10 Magic Points to boost your Magic Spells. The only place to find Cactrot is in the desert just South of Maranda in the World of Ruin(beware of Hoover).

Tips: The Intangir can be found only on the Triangle Island in the NE in the World of Balance. When it appears, it will be invisible (intangible) until you attack it. Then, it will awaken, cast meteo for around 1000 damage each character, and then put itself back to sleep. Intangir is a very challenging enemy at this point in the game, but you can make mincemeat out of it with the Vanish/Doom trick. Have someone learn Doom(Shoat), and then cast it on Intangir. Since the beast is already invisible, Doom will take it out instantly. Wham! 10 Magic Points just like that! Great for teaching lesser characters essential magic spells (cure,life,fire...) before taking on the Floating Continent!

Tips: Blocking your way on the Floating Continent, you have no choice but to kill the AtmaWeapon. However, this is no easy task. AtmaWeapon is the first SuperMajor Boss in the game, acting as almost a pseudo-Last Boss before the great Collapse. Take the Weapon out with everything you've got, shuriken, level 2 magic, AuraBolt, Chainsaw, whatever you have. Be sure to equip a Cherub Down Relic on every member of your party to avoid AtmaWeapon's devastating Quake attack. Don't have enough? If you have Locke in your party, Steal from the Ninja residing on the Island and you pick up a few extra Cherub Down. Note that since AtmaWeapon is made of pure energy, you can kill it draining its MP as well as its HP (use Rasp and Osmose), similar to other monsters on this floating landmass.

Tips: The Pugs are hiding in a treasure chest awaiting your arrival to the mines behind the ledge past the snowfields in Narshe, where you can find Umaro. Beware, the Pugs(there's three of them) are extremely difficult; make sure you're raring before you open that treasure chest. The key to winning the battle is speed and intensity. Kill the Pugs before advance to far to the right of the screen where you are. To do this, hammer out nonstop everything you've got: BumRush is a must, ChainSaw is great, powerful spells will help, the Illumina or Ragnarok will give you an edge. Lay it on them, and if you're good enough, you'll win.

Master Pug
Tips: Find the Master Pug in a treasure chest in the cave leading from Figaro Castle to the Ancient Castle underground in the World of Ruin. Master Pug is much like the Pugs, but now there is only one and he is stronger than ever! Beware of the Step Mine attack, and don't let the Master get too close to you or he will kill off one of your fighters with his knife attack. Approach the Master Pug just like you did the Pugs, with speed and intensity. Cure whenever you need and can afford it. Lay on enough damage in little time, and you'll make it. Your reward: the Graedus knife!

Tips: KatanaSoul can be located in the left treasure room in the Ancient Castle. He is a ninja-type, so beware of multi-target techniques such as Bolt Edge and Fire Skean. To win the battle, you must have someone continuously curing your group. Also, if you have Locke, Steal from the KatanaSoul to get a nice sword for Cyan. When you win the battle, you'll get the all-powerful Offering Relic!

Tips: MagiMaster is at the top of Fanatics Tower in the World of Ruin, and will stop you after you've taken the treasure from the top (the precious Gem Box). The MagiMaster is always changing his defense, so either use Flare which always hurts him, or you can cast Bersk to keep him from changing. Then, just find his weakness and exploit it! Beware though, the MagiMaster's dying attack is Ultima which will definitely kill your entire team if their HP is too low. Foil the Master's plans by casting Life3 before the battle ends.

Doom Gaze
Tips: Terror of the Skies, Doom Gaze attacks at random while you zip through the air on the Falcon in the World of Ruin. It will use devastating attacks such as Lv5 Doom and Aero to wipe you out, and then will escape to terrorize again another day. Here's the trick: Doom Gaze cannot restore his HP between battles, so any damage you get on him in an encounter which you manage to survive will remain in battles to come. Keep yourself prepared when traveling the skies and eventually you'll come out victorious. When you vanquish the demon, you'll receive Bahamut!! P.S. As seems always the case for similar situations, Doom Gaze appears always at the worst times and never when you want it to. If you're looking to hunt down the Doom Gaze specifically, put the controller on the floor and place a chair over the accelerate button for a nifty Auto-pilot feature. Then you can amuse yourself with any other activity (my preference is darts) as long as you are ready to respond when you run into Doom Gaze. Use this trick well!

8 Dragons: Slay the 8 Legendary Dragons and the scholars say a powerful force called Crusader will be unleashed. Note: you can kill the dragons in any order you wish, but they only appear in the World of Ruin.

Storm Dragon
Tips: The Storm Dragon is very quick and has strong wind-based attacks. The thing that contributes most to this dragon's difficulty is the fact that you first meet it when your characters are still pretty weak; on Mt. Zozo searching for Cyan. The way to win is to have a constant defense as well as an aggressive offense(use Bolt). You must cure unfailingly after every one of Stormy's attacks, but you also must continue to pile on the damage or the battle will continue to rage on until you run out of MP. The trick is this: equip as many Thunder Shields as you have and your character(s) will be impervious to many of the Storm Dragon's attacks. Victory lands you the _?_ and one less dragon to slay!

Ice Dragon
Tips: Next on the list is the Ice Dragon, who awaits your challenge atop the snow fields of Narshe. Though it can be pretty tough when not prepared, this reptile becomes extinct if you equip ice shields before the battle. It's attacks will be harmless against your defense, although if one of your characters does get frozen, cast a quick fire spell to thaw him/her out real fast. Counter with fire attacks and the victory is yours!

White Dragon
Tips: The White Dragon guards the third treasure vault up in the Tower of Fanatics. This battle should be fairly simple, though you must have strong magic to win, since this is Fanatics Tower(you can only use magic). The only thing to worry about is the dragon's multiple cast of Pearl; two, sometimes even three Pearls in one turn. Counter with cure and strong magic such as Flare. You shouldn't have much trouble if your magic is good enough. Here's a little trick: if you have a super powerful fighter, like Edgar+Illumina+Gauntlet+Atlas Armlet(one of my fave combos), you can still make use of the fight command by casting Bserk on that character. Or, you could just bring Umaro, who'll fight no matter what, even in the Tower of Fanatics! Next, please!

Red Dragon
Tips: The Red Dragon lurks in the Phoenix Cave where you search for Locke. Find it close to the end of the dungeon patrolling a treasure chest and save back at the save point with your other team(you can use the multi-team save point trick and tent up your fighting team while the other team stands on the save point!). Go into battle ready with Firy defense and Icy offense. Flame Shields and Ice spells will be well appreciated. If you're strong, the Red Dragon won't go down with too much objection. If you've been fighting the dragons in this order, then you're halfway done now!

Blue Dragon
Tips: The Blue Dragon is one of the cooler dragons in the bunch, and has mastered the element of water. Beware of attacks such as Clean Sweep which will target your entire team. Your best offense against water has always been lightning, so don't hesitate to shock the beast with bolt spells. Maintain a balanced strategy of offense and defense - keep your HP high while bringing the Dragon's HP down - and the Dragon will go down quietly.

Dirt Dragon
Tips: 4 words...the Dirt Dragon rocks! Find it wreaking havoc upon the Opera House and use the levers to enter center stage. Expect massive Earth-based attacks, especially Quake. Equipping your team with Cherub Down Relics will definitely make the battle easier. However, just casting Float won't cut it since the Dirt devil will then use 50 G's to bring you back down to earth. BumRush is recommended, along with any other strong physical attacks you have. With Cherub Downs, it shouldn't be too challenging to get the Dirt Dragon to bite the dust! Now then, the two final dragons remain!

Gold Dragon
Tips: This dragon must love the sparkle and flash of gold, since it specializes in sparks and flashes of lightning! Water seems to fizzle out the Gold Dragon's rain of lightning pretty well. The Dragon is located along the center path in Kefka's Tower, and if you're powered up for the Final Bosses, you'll probably find the Gold Dragon to be fairly simple to ground out. So how does it feel to be one dragon away from your goal?

Skull Dragon
Tips: Skull is the last of the dragons and is also located in the Tower of Kefka, along the right path. This sick dragon specializes in status ailments, so tie on your Ribbons before you do battle. Hang in there and pound the dragon down; use what you've learned so far, you could be a professional Dragon Slayer with all the experience you've had! If this is the last dragon for you, then when you win, say hello to Crusader! The spell is broken and the greatest Esper in the game is yours. Use Crusader's annihilating Purifier attack, and don't forget to learn the awesome Merton spell!

Czar DragonKaiser Dragon
Tips: Actually, this boss can't be found in the original version of Final Fantasy VI, as it was not completed and implemented into the game in time, although an unfinished version including the sprite, stats, and its intro speech "Mwa, ha, ha.... Humans and their desires! I'm free at last! I bring you destruction... I bring you terror... I am Czar! Prepare yourselves!" do exist in the original game. I'm guessing the Czar Dragon was intended to be FFVI's incarnation of Shinryu (from FFV), and was meant to be unlocked after beating the eight legendary dragons. In the updated GameBoy Advance port of Final Fantasy VI, among other additions, the Czar Dragon was completed/transformed into the Kaiser Dragon.

Tips: How to find it: Hunt down the Brachosaur in the dinosaur-shaped prehistoric forest to the north of the Veldt in the World of Ruin. This boss is not a true boss, but is a random enemy like the Cactrot or Intangir. You'll have to fight quite a few Tyranosaurs before the Brachosaur will show itself. This will net you tons of experience, but be warned: you must be pretty strong to take on the challenge of the Brachosaur or you'll collapse in defeat! Keep fighting the Tyros and eventually you'll see a Bracho (remember to save often if you want the experience, because Brachi could take you out in an instant). How to win: Brachosaur aims to win, and uses Ultima to do it. Counter with Life3. Everything else the dino uses should be countered with massive curing. The one thing you can't counter, though, is Sneeze, which will easily reduce your fighting team to three, two, one, or none! Victory cannot be guaranteed, this is a tough battle! Just give it all you've got-don't hold out on anything- and keep the Life3 and Cures coming. Why to fight it: Locke can Steal a Ribbon from the Brachosaur. Better yet, you can win the famed Economizer from the Great Bracho, but this happens even more rarely than the Brachosaur shows itself... Good Luck!

Tips: Atma lies in eternal wait in a dungeon cell in Kefka's Tower of swirling debris. There is no obligation to fight Atma, but if you do so and win, you will gain a new save point. Though, I would fight Atma just for the honor of fighting It. Tips for fighting Atma? HA! There are no tips... Go into battle and try to enjoy Atma for what It is. If you lose, then take gratitude for being able to fight with Atma in Its true form. If you win, then never forget to honor the memory of Atma...

Tips: If you fight Guardian before Kefka's Tower(in Vector, or Thamasa during Kefka's escapade), you won't be able to get a single point of damage on him. However, in Kefka's Tower, the Guardian is finally beatable. ...

Tips: Doom is one of the Three Statues which control the power of Magic in the world. Win and you'll receive the Sky Render for Cyan. ...

Tips: Poltergeist is the second of the Three Statues and will give you the Aura Lance for Mog or Edgar when you win. ...

Tips: Goddess is the third of the Three powerful Statues. Defeat her and you'll get the awesome Excalibur sword. ...

Final Boss (Tower)
Tips: This is it, the final challenge. Make sure you choose your character order wisely. The Tower has three forms, which loosely resemble the former Three Statues: Poltergeist, Goddess, Doom. The first form has three parts: Long Arm, Short Arm, and Face. Kill the Face last and you'll have to endure a final Quake before moving on up. The second form has four different parts, popularly named Hit, Tiger, Tools, and Magic. Your best bet for this section would be multi-target attacks, especially Ultima (but I suggest you beat the final boss without using Ultima). Bahamut is always a good choice. If you manage to kill each part of the second form, you will then move on the final form of the Tower. This form has two parts, Sleep and Girl. Kill the Girl to keep her from healing Sleep. This form uses a lot of nonfocused and devastating multi-target attacks such as Merton, W Wind, and Train. Also watch out for Calmness, which will instantly put a character to death. Sleep will use Calmness multiple times as a final attack.

Final Boss (Kefka)
Tips: So, you've finally made it. You've passed all the tests and now you come up against Kefka himself, face to face, in all his glorious power. Kefka has drained all the power from the Three Statues and now has nearly infinite power. Are you prepared for the fight of your life? Expect attacks like FallenOne which will bring your entire party's HP down to one. Be quick on that Cure3, and keep the Life3 coming. Once Kefka's HP starts to dip, he will begin to use his most powerful spell, Goner. "The end comes...beyond chaos!" Are you ready?... ...