Character Biographies

___I heartily agree that it is the characters that make a good RPG, and the story of the game takes its roots in the main characters' personalities and interactions with other people. All of Square's RPG's have an amazing story and hosts of unforgettable characters. I have taken the time to delve into each character's past in FFVI, and I have presented the information that I have acquired below. Please enjoy the Character Biographies and e-mail me( if you have any comments or if you think I missed something...

Vicks/Biggs & Wedge
Biggs and Wedge are your typical Imperial Soldiers, sent out to accompany and keep an eye on the mysterious girl who uses Magic as they investigate the mining town of Narshe in search of an uncovered frozen Esper. The Plan: have the Magic girl communicate with the Esper in the hopes of finding some way to acquire its powers. Biggs and Wedge are eliminated by the Esper's power, and the Magic girl suddenly breaks the Empire's mind control over her, much to the benefit of the rebellious Returners group.

Terra/Tina Branford
"A mysterious young woman, controlled by the Empire, and born with the gift of Magic... ...Terra"
Born to an Esper and a Human, Terra naturally has the ability to cast Magic, but is constantly trying to find what it means to be Human. Her existence is proof that a bond can exist between the Espers and Humans, yet she is constantly being used by Humans for her powers. Her life is a search for love and a meaning to her existence, and only when she finds this can she truly learn to fight for herself. (Suggested Weapon: AtmaWeapon)

Locke Cole
"Treasure Hunter and trail-worn traveler, searching the world over for relics of the past... ...Locke"
Locke's dangerous adventures have cost him in the past. The girl he loved, Rachel, fell off a bridge over a pit trying to save Locke. Rachel lost her memory and Locke decided to leave since he was only causing trouble for her parents. It is said that on the day Rachel was killed in a raid by the Empire, the last word she spoke was Locke's name. Locke had Rachel's body preserved so that she would not age a day, in the hopes that he would some day find a way to revive her. Now, Locke takes on a desire to protect without fail any caring woman he comes across. (Suggested Weapon: Wing Edge)

Edgar Roni Figaro
"The young king of Figaro Castle, ally to the Empire, and a master of machinery... ...Edgar"
Edgar's father died at an early age, and it was his duty to co-rule the Kingdom of Figaro with his twin brother, Sabin, though Sabin knew that splitting the kingdom would only weaken it. In a fateful coin toss, it was decided that Sabin would move into the mountains and live in freedom while Edgar took to the throne of Figaro. Edgar is quick to impress the ladies and a master of machinery; even his castle is rigged so it can travel underground! Though Figaro and the Empire are allies, Edgar's true loyalties lie with the Returners, a rebel group plotting against the Empire. (Suggested Weapon: Illumina)

Sabin/Mash Rene Figaro
Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom... ...Sabin
When Sabin heard of the rumor that his father had been poisoned, he grew enraged at the Empire. When it came time to decide who was to be the next ruler of Figaro, Sabin agreed to a coin toss with Edgar, in which the winner would have his way. Sabin used a two-headed coin to guarantee his victory, so that he could go off and train in the Martial Arts while Edgar took rule of Figaro. It is revealed that Sabin left the kingdom because he believed he would not be as good a ruler as his brother, and he wanted to train himself so that he would be ready the day that Edgar needed his help. A master of the Blitz style of Martial Arts with Duncan as his master, Sabin has a powerful fighting capacity as well as a kind soul. (Suggested Weapon: Tiger Fangs)

Banon is the aged and wise leader of the Returners rebel group that is plotting to remove the corrupt Empire from power. He is smart and strategic, and realizes soon that he must utilize Terra's powers much like the Empire tried to, though for the good of the world rather than the domination of it. Being the leader of the Returners, it is absolutely imperative that Banon not be killed for any reason.

QUOTES: "They always said I was a slow learner...but I eat FAST!!"
"How can this be?... I...I'm nothing more than a stupid octopus!"
"Silence, you are in the presence of octopus royalty. A lowborn thug like you could never defeat me!"
"I ain't no garden-variety octopus."
Ultros; a classic character. Witty and rude, Ultros is the kind of squid that's not afraid to step on a few tentacles to get what he wants. Though not affiliated with any group, Ultros proves to be a recurring nuisance for the Returners. His only good friend is Chupon, who is less talk and more fight. Ultros hates muscle-heads and dislikes fire, though he enjoys chomping down on tasty wooden arrows. If he ever crosses your path, make sure you don't let Ultros spoil your day!

Celes Chere
"Product of Genetic Engineering, battle-hardened Magitek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow... ...Celes"
QUOTES: "Power only breeds war...I wish I'd never been...born."
Raised by Cid as if he were her Grampa, Celes grew up to be an officer for the Empire. She underwent Cid's Magitek testing which embued her with the power to use Magic, thus becoming one of the Empire's feared Magitek Knights. But due to the corruption and evil goals of the Empire, Celes turned traitor and found a friend she could eventually trust in the form of Locke of the Returners. Now, she fights against the evil aspirations of the Empire for the good of the entire world. (Suggested Weapon: Excalibur)

"He owes allegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. He comes and goes like the wind... ...Shadow"
QUOTES: "The Reaper is always just a step behind me..."
"-dog eats strangers-"
"I can't help you. You must look within for answers."
"In this world are many like me who've killed their emotions."
"I'll be blown to bits before I can even collect my pay..."
Shadow has a very mysterious past as well as a tough reputation among people all over the world. His sole companion is his dog Interceptor, who obeys only Shadow. Through his random adventures with the Returners, Shadow eventually learns to revive his emotions and sticks around to fight for Good. His true past, though, can be learned only through various hints and random nightmares. The results are as follows: Shadow's real name is Clyde. He used to be a thief and partner to Baram. Clyde was caught up in the excitement of the steal, and could think of no better way to live. Clyde and Baram were to be "the Great Train Robbers of the Century" after they pulled off a job that got them a million GP. Baram suggested that they change their names and came up with Shadow for Clyde. However, Baram got injured on a job, and he begged Clyde to kill him, so that he would not have to go through with being captured. After a few moments of emotional turmoil, Clyde could not go through with killing his long-time friend and he ran off. never to see Baram again. Clyde wanders for awhile afterward, and eventually comes across the village of Thamasa, where he meets some kind people, and Interceptor. At this point, the story gets vague and doesn't pick up until Clyde decides to leave Thamasa, hoping that the ones he came to know well could leave in peace. Interceptor refuses to stay behind and follows Shadow as he disappears into the large world, leaving his emotions behind on the doorstep at Thamasa. The missing piece in the story has to involve Relm in some way, because Relm is the only other person beside Shadow who Interceptor will obey. Also, it is said that Relm isn't Strago's real grandchild, but a friends' daughter. If there is any piece to this story that I have wrong, or that I have missed, I would appreciate it if you could inform me, for I think Shadow is the greatest character in this game, and I would love to understand his true and complete past. (Suggested Weapon: Stunner)

Cyan/Cayenne Garamonde
"Faithful retainer to his family's liege, with the courage and strength of a hundred men... ...Cyan"
Cyan is a fearful samurai sword-fighter with the almighty SwordTechnique. He is the liege to the throne of Doma Castle, and his recent past is wrought with tragedy. In an attack on Doma by the Empire, Kefka uses diabolical means to break the siege: he poisons the river killing off almost every person in Doma; including the King and Cyan's wife and son, Duane and Owain. Cyan can not stand his rage and launches a one-man assault on the Imperial Base. Cyan has trouble coming to terms with his family's death, and he must eventually endure a haunting nightmare in which he must accept his family's fate. The truth holds that if General Leo had been present at the time of the poisoning of Doma, such a despicable action would not have taken place. Thus, Cyan learns to gain a sense of respect for the honorable General Leo, and a hatred for the inhuman ferocity of Kefka. Furthermore, Cyan is utterly afraid of machines and simply cannot abide them, though this is a problem he can eventually learn to work through. (Suggested Weapon: Sky Render)

Not much to say about the Ghost... You can pick it up on the Phantom Train in the Phantom Forest, but it will leave your group before you get off. Its primary function is its Possess ability, which immediately eliminates an enemy. This Ghost is one of the souls which ride the Phantom Train to the Other Side, where they can complete their journey to the Afterlife.

"Draped in monster hides, eyes shining with intellignece. A youth surviving against all odds... ...Gau"
Gau is a boy who has grown up in the wild, after being thrown out of his home by his father. -----...

Setzer Gabbiani
"A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit... ...Setzer"
QUOTES: "Nothing to lose but my life. My life is a chip in your pile! Ante up!"
Setzer commands a great airship which sails through the wind to the ends of the planet. He loves to gamble and his primary weapons include cards, darts, and dice. Setzer has a tragic past, though, which involves an old friend of his named Daryl. Daryl was the greatest airship pilot in the world, and only she could beat Setzer in a race. Daryl commanded the majestic airship named the Falcon, the only ship that could go faster or farther than Setzer's. One day, Daryl decided to find out just how high she could go, so she arranged to meet Setzer later at their favorite spot on a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. Setzer never saw Daryl again. He found the Falcon and personally repaired it, then laid it to rest in a huge tomb erected in the memory of Daryl. After such tragedy, Setzer has taken on a relatively uplifting demeanor, and tends to take things rather lightly. (Suggested Weapon: Fixed Dice(Combine it with the Offering for a pretty decent attack!))

Cid del Norte Marquez
Cid is a Research Scientist employed for the Empire in the field of study involving the extraction of lifeforce from captured Espers in order to embue humans with Magic abilities. These new soldiers are known as the Magitek Knights, and ironically resemble the Mage Warriors of 1000 years ago during the War of the Magi. What Cid doesn't know, however, is that to fully acquire the powers of an Esper it must first pass away, leaving behind a Magicite stone. Despite these seemingly cruel methods, Cid is not an evil person; he has a kind and caring heart. Cid raised Celes and often thinks of her as his graunddaughter. Once Cid learns that his subjects must die to complete the process, he gives up his science and attempts to convince the Emperor to stop the war. As is traditional for the Final Fantasy series, Cid also has an inclination to the workings of Airships. (This can be seen if you head directly to the downed airship after dinner with Gestahl instead of going straight to Albrook to the waiting ship.)

"Human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing...Moogle... ...Mog"
QUOTES: "Kupoppo!!"
"(didn't know I could talk? ???)"
Mog is one Moogle with attitude! His peculiar Dance technique allows him to perform nature-based attacks from all kinds of environments ranging from desert to sea. Though Moogles usually speak in Kupo-talk, it is a little known fact that Mog can talk in human language! Mog likes to have a good time, and is the only one that Umaro the Yeti will obey. Though Mog is not a secret character, he is the only base character that you do not to acquire in the course of the game. If you want Mog to join you, make sure you are respectful and kind to him! (Suggested Weapon: Aura Lance)

Strago/Stragus Magus
"An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the ways of monsters... ...Strago"
Strago is an ancestor of the great Mage Warriors of the past that fought in the War of the Magi. After the war, the Mage Warriors were singled out and prejudiced against because of their magical abilities. So, the Mage Warriors built a village in an off-the-map area and hid their ability to use magic. Thus, Thamasa today is a paranoid town where everyone is afraid to cast Magic. Strago's past involves many days of hunting and learning all there is to know about how monsters fight. He used to hunt with Gungho, and their greatest opponent was the elusive and powerful Hidon, whom they could never conquer. Strago's knowledge of monster techniques is put to use in his Lore Magic, which consists of various techniques learned directly from feeling the effects of monsters' attacks. Strago is a kind old man who cares for nothing more than to protect his granddaughter Relm. (Suggested Weapon: Magus Rod)

Relm Arrowny
"In her pictures she captures everything: forests, water, light...the very essence of life... ...Relm"
Relm is an energetic and talented young girl, who loves to sketch portraits of anything she sees. This all may sound very sweet, but don't get me wrong. If Relm ever asks to sketch your portrait, run. Fast. Relm's technique is incredible in that she truly can capture that "essence of life"; her portraits can be used against enemies as a type of mirrorring effect, duplicating the attack of a monster and directing it back at the monster. Relm actually is a sweet girl who cares very much for her Gramps Strago, and has an uncanny attachment to Shadow's dog Interceptor. (Suggested Weapon: Rainbow Brush)

Leo Cristophe
QUOTES: "So that's General Leo... He could be my friend, if he weren't my enemy..." -regarding General Leo
Though General Leo works for the Empire, he is an honorable and trustworthy man. When a soldier tells him that he is ready to lay his life down for the Empire, Leo replies "(you have a family right? what would I tell them if you died here? ???)". After Leo was called away from the Imperial Camp before Kefka proceeded to poison the people of Doma, Leo regarded the action as disgusting and inexcusable. General Leo himself would have handled the situation in a way that would result in much less death. Leo later has a talk with Terra and is able to sympathize with her position of not knowing love, but too soon he is betrayed by the Emperor and Kefka's evil ambitions. He learns of their true desires just before he is ruthlessly disposed of by Kefka's supersaturated power. The portrait of General Leo would have to be one of Honor, Compassion, Loneliness, and Betrayal.

QUOTES: "Fungaahhh!!!"
"Chupon's taciturn, but terribly powerful!" -(Ultros)
Chupon is Ultros' trusted companion, and acts as his brawn to complement Ultros' supposed brain. Whereas Ultros possesses an interesting character, Chupon is nothing but a powerful brute, weak only to the effects of ice. Chupon's signature move is the Sneeze, which wipes all opponents away from him and out of battle. This technique can become very annoying when he uses it too much, though, as in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum, making him effectively impossible to beat.

Great Emperor Gestahl. Gestahl is the undisputed ruler of the Empire. His goal is to dominate the world through the acquisition of the Magic power that can only be found within the Espers. It can be assumed that in his youth, Gestahl heard stories of the War of the Magi and began to desire the power that the Espers had. In more recent history, Gestahl launched an attack on the Esper world and captured a few specimens for Cid to study in the Magitek Research Facility. During this attack Gestahl also came across Terra, and her mother's dying wish for him to protect her. But Gestahl was thinking only of Terra's abilities and the implication of her being half-Esper. He saw Terra as a means to his end; a specimen he could study to learn how to give a Human the power of Magic; a tool to be used later to communicate and summon the Espers. When Terra falls into the hands of the Returners, Gestahl uses the Returners and lets them have Terra open the Gate to the Esper world. Gestahl feigns defeat and seeks peace with the Returners, only to betray them when they get near to the Espers. Gestahl's desire grows as Kefka acquires great power from the Espers to help his cause, but Gestahl's ultimate end comes when he learns that Kefka's goal is somewhat different from his own.

Kefka/Cefca Palazzo
QUOTES: "People are people. Not all of us are like Kefka." (-General Leo)
"I will destroy everything... I will create a monument to non-existence!"
"Why do people cling to life when they know they can't live forever?"
"I command the greatest power in the universe! You are all helpless before me!"
"The end comes ... beyond chaos"
And then there's Kefka. The root of Kefka's corruption is nothing more significant than a fluke. Kefka was the very first test subject for Magitek Engineering on Humans, and something went wrong. Apparently "something cracked in his brain on that day". Kefka lost his sense of humanity and became hungry not for mere power but for destruction and death. Kefka's ultimate goal seems to be to revive and drain the eternal power of the Three Goddesses (which are the origin of all Magic), and to bask in this power while watching as he plunges the entire planet into utter destruction. The tragedy of Kefka is his loss of Humanity, as well as his inability to comprehend anything good in life, such as love, hope, and friendship. However, there is no time for sympathy as Kefka's plans must be stopped or else life will cease to exist forever.

Personal Liner
A powerful berserker yeti living deep in the caves of Narshe with an instinct only to fight, Umaro's brute strength can be harnessed only with Mog's help, and it can only be honed with the Rage Ring, Blizzard Orb, and Bone Club.

Personal Liner
Gogo is a mystery... a mystery wrapped in an enigma placed gently under a puzzle tucked behind a riddle and hid secretly in the indescript shadow of anonymity. Who is he? Good question. What is he? Nobody knows. Where did he come from? Probably straight out of Final Fantasy V. Does he have a past? I would guess not. What does he do? What does he do? That's exactly what he does. does. Gogo is a mime; he mimics the actions of others perfectly. Magic spells, Blitz techniques, SwordTechniques, Rage attacks, portrait Sketches. Gogo does it all. And with style. (Suggested Weapon: Graedus)

Kappa may not be a true character in Final Fantasy VI, but he sure is something! To put it simply, Kappa is an imp, which I would describe as a mix between a turtle, frog, and duck! Kappa appears very rarely in the game and the only time I can recall is when he is describing how to utilize Gau's Rage skill. There is, however, a special little trick to getting Kappa. First, you must turn one of your characters into an Imp. Now, he/she will look like Kappa. Next, you must equip your Kappa-to-be with the essential Imp gear: Imp Halberd, Tortoise Shield, Imp Armor, and Titanium Helmet (check the Items section to find out where to get these items). To make the transformation complete, bet one Elixir at the Colosseum, beat the Cactrot, and you'll win a Rename Card. Use it to change the character's name to Kappa. You can't tell the difference!

Atma Weapon

"1000 years ago, during the War of the Magi, 2 so-called Atma Weapons existed. One changed a person's power into a sword, the other was a monster, bred for mass destruction."
-Scholar of Weapons

"My name is Atma... ...
I am pure energy...
and as ancient as the cosmos.
Feeble creatures, DIE!" -AtmaWeapon

"I'm Atma... ...
Left here since birth...
Forgotten in the river of time...
I've had an eternity to
ponder the meaning of things...
And now I have an answer..." -Atma