Rare Item Locations

And other less-known secrets

___One of the greatest feelings in the realm of RPG-gaming is the satisfaction of finding some secret item or weapon, or beating a secret boss(I remember fondly the time I conquered the great Dragon Lord in FFV and acquired the godly Ragnarok sword which I did not even know existed). As for all of this Website, read ahead at your own discretion. Although it can be great to find things on your own, sometimes there's just something you can't find on your own. In that light, I have provided locations and descriptions of some of the best and coolest secrets to Final Fantasy VI!

Ragnarok | Illumina | Economizer | Exp. Egg | Paladin Shield | Crusader | Gogo | Umaro | Atma | Sky Render | Excalibur | Aura Lance | Offering | Gem Box | Graedus | Charm Bangle | Moogle Charm
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