An experience among mere games!

___Welcome, I am Paladin Shield! This is my own personal FFVI Webpage. FFVI is an excellent RPG (Role-Playing Game) delivered to us by the masterminds of Square who drive the inspiring Final Fantasy series that is currently in its 9th installment. I have dedicated this page to my personal favorite game in the series so far, which can be played either on the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom system as Final Fantasy III or on the all-powerful Sony PlayStation under its original title, Final Fantasy VI. Use the links to the left to access the various parts of my page such as character bios, story description, an Esper list, boss strategies, rare item locations, midi music files, and links to FF-related Websites as well as my very own FF Awards page where you can vote for your favorite characters/bosses and the like! Check out the music page to find something to listen to as you explore the site. Enjoy!

Created by: Teledhel Cuivienen
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Original Completion Date: 19 January 2001
Last Modification: 30 August 2007