FFVI Music Archive

___Here is an extensive selection list of music from Final Fantasy VI in midi form. Listen to the files as you enjoy the rest of my page if you wish! By the way, there are a few versions of most of the songs, so I've put asterisks (*) around each one I believe to be the most accurate sounding one.

Name of Song File Link Song Description
------------------------------------------Disc One------------------------------------------
Opening Theme title.mid Title Song
Colliery Nalsh narshe.mid Narshe Theme
Colliery Nalsh (2) narshe2.mid Narshe Theme
Awakening *awakenin.mid* Terra's Theme
Awakening (2) terra1.mid Terra's Theme
Awakening (3) terra5.mid Terra's Theme (Arranged)
Lock locke.mid Locke's Theme
Lock (2) *locke2.mid* Locke's Theme
Battle Theme ff3battl.mid Battle Theme
Battle Theme (2) ff3batl2.mid Battle Theme
Battle Theme (3) *ff3btlre.mid* Battle Theme (Remix)
Fanfare *fanfare.mid* Victory Music
Edgar+Mash figaro.mid Figaro/Edgar+Sabin's Theme
Edgar+Mash (2) figaro2.mid Figaro/Edgar+Sabin's Theme
Edgar+Mash (3) figaro3.mid Figaro/Edgar+Sabin's Theme
Edgar+Mash (4) *figaro4.mid* Figaro/Edgar+Sabin's Theme
Edgar+Mash (5) figarock.mid Figaro/Edgar+Sabin's Theme (Rock) - You have to hear this!
???Sad Song??? ragde.mid ???
Cefca *kefka.mid* Kefka's Theme
Cefca (2) kefka2.mid Kefka's Theme (Piano)
Mt. Coltz *mtkoltz.mid* Mountain Theme
Mt. Coltz (2) mtkoltz2.mid Mountain Theme
Returners *returner.mid* Returners Theme
Shadow shadow.mid Shadow's Theme
Shadow (2) shadow2.mid Shadow's Theme
Shadow (3) shadow3.mid Shadow's Theme
Shadow (4) *ff6sha.mid* Shadow's Theme
Shadow (Piano) ff6shap.mid Shadow's Theme (Piano)
Troops March On *ff3troop.mid* ???
Cayenne *cyan.mid* Cyan/Doma's Theme
Cayenne (2) cyan2.mid Cyan/Doma's Theme
Cayenne (3) cyansq.mid Cyan/Doma's Theme - check this one out!
The Unforgiven *ff3unfor.mid* ???
The Mystic Forest forest.mid Phantom Forest Theme
The Mystic Forest (2) *forest3.mid* Phantom Forest Theme
Mistery Train *train.mid* Phantom Train Theme
Wild West veldt.mid Veldt Theme
Wild West (2) *veldt2.mid* Veldt Theme
Gau *gau.mid* Gau's Theme
The Snake Path *serpent.mid* Serpent Trench Theme
Kids Run Through The City Corner ff3town.mid Village Theme
Kids Run Through The City Corner (2) *ff3twn2.mid* Village Theme
Kids Run Through The City Corner (3) kidscity.mid Village Theme - you gotta hear this one!!
Under Martial Law *ff3mlaw.mid* Village Theme(Controlled by Empire)
Celes celes1.mid Celes' Theme
Celes (2) celesmix.mid Celes' Theme (Arranged)
Celes (3) *celsjump.mid* Celes' Theme
Save Them *save_them.mid* Airship Theme??? (Enhanced)
The Decisive Battle bossbatt.mid Boss Battle
The Decisive Battle (2) ff3dec.mid Boss Battle
The Decisive Battle (3) *ff6boss.mid* Boss Battle
Metamorphosis *seal.mid* Esper Escape???
------------------------------------------Disc Two------------------------------------------
Tina ff3over.mid Overworld Theme
Tina (2) ff3over2.mid Overworld Theme
Tina (3) *ff3over3.mid* Overworld Theme
Tina (4) ff3over4.mid Overworld Theme
Tina (5) ff3over5.mid Overworld Theme
Tina (6) dougstheme.mid Overworld Theme
Tina (7) ff3tinax.mid Overworld Theme
Tina (8) ffmix.mid Overworld Theme (Remix) - Nice!
Tina (9) ffpwndr.mid Overworld Theme - Very much like the last one
Coin Song
Techno De Chocobo
Forever Rachel rachel.mid Locke's Past
Forever Rachel (2) *sadsong.mid* Locke's Past
Slam Shuffle zozo.mid Zozo Theme
Slam Shuffle (2) zozo2.mid Zozo Theme
Slam Shuffle (3) *zozo3.mid* Zozo Theme
Spinach Rag *spinach.mid* Jidoor Auction House!
--- The Opera House ---
Aria Di Mezzo Carattere *opera.mid* Maria's Theme (Opera)
Aria Di Mezzo Carattere (2) opera2.mid Maria's Theme (Opera)
Grand Finale? *ultro.mid* ???
Setzer setzer.mid ???
Setzer (2) *setzer2.mid* ???
Johnny C Bad *ff3colis.mid* Cafe Theme
The Empire "Ghastra" *empire.mid* The Empire/Gestahl's Theme
Devil's Lab magitek.mid Magitek Research Factory
Devil's Lab (2) magitek2.mid Magitek Research Factory - Hear it!
Devil's Lab (3) magitek3.mid Magitek Research Factory - Interesting...
Devil's Lab (4) magitek4.mid Magitek Research Factory
Devil's Lab (5) *devils.mid* Magitek Research Factory
Blackjack *ff3blackjack.mid* Airship Theme
?? question.mid If you haven't heard this song, please do so!
?? *ff6-crazyman.mid* Gau's Father
Mog *ff3mog.mid* Mog's Theme - Moogles Rule!
Stragus *stragos.mid* Strago's Theme
Relm *relm2.mid* Relm's Theme
Relm (2) relm4.mid Relm's Theme
Another World of Beasts esper.mid Cave to the Sealed Gate/Esper Theme
Another World of Beasts (2) *esper2.mid* Cave to the Sealed Gate/Esper Theme
Another World of Beasts (3) espers.mid Cave to the Sealed Gate/Esper Theme
-----------------------------------------Disc Three-----------------------------------------
New Continent *ff3float.mid* The Floating Continent
The Fierce Battle atma.mid Atma's Theme
The Fierce Battle (2) *atma2.mid* Atma's Theme
The Fierce Battle (3) atma3.mid Atma's Theme
The Fierce Battle (4) atma4.mid Atma's Theme
The Fierce Battle (5) ff6atma5.mid Atma's Theme
The Fierce Battle (6) ff6atma7.mid Atma's Theme
Rest in Peace
Dark World *wornarshe.mid* Narshe (WoR)???
Day After *dayafter.mid* Village Theme (WoR)
Day After (2) dayafter2.mid Village Theme (WoR)
Searching Friends falcon.mid Falcon Airship Theme
Searching Friends (2) falcon2.mid Falcon Airship Theme
Searching Friends (3) *ff3airship.mid* Falcon Airship Theme
Searching Friends (4) searching_for_friends.mid Falcon Airship Theme (Remix) - Interesting!
Gogo *gogo.mid* Gogo's Theme
Daryl's Epitaph daryl.mid Daryl's Epitaph
Daryl's Epitaph (2) daryl2.mid Daryl's Epitaph
Daryl's Epitaph (3) epitaph.mid Daryl's Epitaph
Daryl's Epitaph (4) *depitaph.mid* Daryl's Epitaph
The Magic House *owzer.mid* Owzer's House???
Umaro *umaro.mid* Umaro's Theme
Fanatics *fanatic.mid* Fanatics Tower
Last Dungeon kefkatow.mid Kefka's Tower
Last Dungeon (2) kefkatw2.mid Kefka's Tower
Dancing Mad: 1 ff3_lb2.mid Final Battle
Dancing Mad: 2 *ff3last.mid* Final Battle: Kefka - Oh, the incredible memories!!!...
Ending ff3end.mid
Ending (2) ff3end2.mid
Relm relm.mid
Terra and Relm Ending tr.mid
Character Medley ff3chmed.mid
The Prelude *prlde.mid* The Immortal Crystal Song
The Prelude (2) ffiiiprelude.mid The Immortal Crystal Song
The Prelude (3) ff_infinity.mid The Immortal Crystal Song - Nice version!
Awakening (2) (B) awaken2.mid Terra's Theme
Awakening (5) (C) terrafnk.mid Terra's Theme (Funk) - nice!
Awakening (C) terramix.mid Terra's Theme (Remix)
Ballad ballad.mid
Ballad (2) ballad2.mid Sounds more like something from Final Fantasy IV
Celes celes.mid
Celes Rock celesrkc.mid
Main ff3maina.mid
Opera Panic ff3oppanic.mid
Setzer (2) ff3savet.mid
Legendary Esper (Terra) legendary_esper.mid - Absolutely beautiful!!
Opera (Over the Stage) operastg.mid
War war.mid