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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: 090228 13:48 
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(I'll make these up as I go along.)

Rule #1: Zharth's judgement is absolute. If you don't like it, leave. That having been said, I am a considerate God, and am willing to listen to reason.

Rule #2: No spam. If you're human, then your posts should contain at least a shadow of redeeming value. (This rule applies more to bots, I guess).

Rule #2.5: This is an interactive forum. If you want to be a member, you have to contribute. There are no quotas, and accepted members will never be deleted for inactivity (intentionally), but accounts with zero posts are subject to deletion. If you just registered, and you're afraid of being deleted, it would be a good idea to post an introduction in the introduction thread so the rest of us have some idea of who you are (or at least that you're not a bot).

Rule #3: No personal attacks against other forum members (unless it's warranted). This is a friendly place. (Personal attacks against yourself, however, are allowed).

Rule #4: Double posting is allowed, when used responsibly. For example, when you have something extra to contribute that is worthwhile, and a significant amount of time has lapsed since your previous post, or you believe that others have had sufficient time to read it.

Rule #5: "l33t speak" will be subject to deletion, if it is judged to be a distraction from the intelligent discourse that characterizes this board. Furthermore, intentional misspelling and misuse of grammar (including but not limited to "lolspeak") is frowned upon. You don't have to be a college professor to post on this board, but please, let's all try to at least act like mature adults here.

I see what you did there.

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