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Which flavor do you prefer?
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 Post subject: Chocolate vs. Vanilla
PostPosted: 090412 20:44 
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This has been something of a minor debate in my family, at least as pertains to milkshake flavors. My brothers have, in the past, seemed to prefer the 'purity' of vanilla (or something), whereas I've always been drawn to the richness of chocolate. So I ask you, between the two, do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? Or are you one of those people who go for strawberry instead? And does your preferred flavor depend on what you're partaking of? For example, in most cases I prefer chocolate, but I've always felt that plain chocolate ice cream leaves something to be desired, whereas vanilla ice cream is practically an art form. I used to dislike chocolate cupcakes just because they were different, but I've recently gotten over that. So?

I see what you did there.

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