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 Post subject: Kannagi/Crazy Shrine Maidens
PostPosted: 090307 09:04 
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Cries of "Nagi-sama!" over on Sankaku Complex had always bugged me, because in my mind, "Nagi-sama" refers to the one and only hikikomori princess Sanzen'in Nagi-ojousama (da zo!) - and not this blue-haired shrine maiden with the distinctive eyebrows from the series Kannagi. But, when I discovered the series was only 13 episodes long, I figured I'd give it a watch so that maybe I could gain some appreciation for this Nagi-sama, so that I could see her as something more than just a usurper of the name. Turns out, the series is quite good.

Synopsis: In Kannagi city, the sacred tree is cut down for urban development, and an art student, Jin, carves an effigy of the local tree goddess in a chunk of the tree's trunk - which the goddess Nagi-sama uses to incarnate into human form. With the sacred tree desecrated, Nagi-sama's powers are weak, and impurities, in the form of shadowy insects - spiders, millipedes, and the like - are infiltrating the town. With Jin's help (he's always been "good with ghosts"), Nagi-sama must vanquish these impurities, while harboring desires of becoming an idol - since, as a goddess, her power is directly proportional to how many people worship her. And to mix things up, Nagi-sama's sister, Zange-chan (love that name), having possessed the body of a Catholic girl, shows up for a little sibling rivalry.

The plot may make it sound somewhat serious, but Kannagi is actually a pretty light-hearted series. The pun-loving tree goddess (no, that wasn't a typo) has a very charismatic personality. And I *love* her boots! The rest of the characters are charming as well, and watching their interactions is great fun. Plus, the art in this series is really high quality. If you're looking for something fun to watch, with a little seriousness on the side, I recommend it. The final scene was awesome! I'm rooting for another season. :thumbsup:


For a goddess, Nagi-sama is surprisingly down to earth.


They don't call her a "pettanko goddess" for nothing - or do they? ;)


In spite of her pious host body and public image, Zange-chan is quite precocious. :suggestive:


:love: Well, they look better on Nagi-sama...


She's a Catholic schoolgirl - what are you thinking?! :mad:


Consider me "won over". :lol:

I see what you did there.

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