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 Post subject: Manga Recommendations
PostPosted: 090317 00:44 
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Every once in a while I go through manga-reading sprees when I read tons of stuff that has been completed, but usually I just (infrequently) follow series that are still ongoing.

I just thought I'd list some of those, in case anyone else wanted something to read. OneManga is apparently popular since it lets you read online ("without downloading") if you want to look at any of these.

Complete Series wrote:
20th Century Boys/21st Century Boys -- (Mystery/Suspense/Thriller) This is a long read. It's about a group of people who were friends as boys; one of them rose up to become "king of the world" and is now enacting "prophecies" that the boys made up.

666 Satan -- (Shounen/Fantasy) Written/drawn by the twin brother of the person who draws Naruto, it has a lot of the same feel, though it's not about ninja. It's a pretty good shounen manga about a boy with immense strength and powers, but a dark, strange past. Sound familiar?

Aishiteruze Baby -- (Shoujo/Romance) A high school boy ends up becoming a surrogate father to his young cousin, works out his relationship with a classmate. A relatively short manga and one of my favorites. It was pretty gripping and heartwarming for me.

Angel Densetsu -- (Shounen/Comedy/Slice of Life) There's an old saying: "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well, what if the cover was so hideously terrifying that you ran away in fear? The main character is a high school character a terrible face that convinces everyone around him that he must be an incredibly strong deliquent. Coincidences only help (or harm) him.

Captain Tsubasa -- (Shounen/Sports) This is a long, long, legendary series that actually spawned a bunch of other series. It's about a boy who plays soccer. Simple, fun to read. Kid makes friends, gets stronger, grows up.

Death Note -- (Horror/Suspense/Mystery) The story of a well-intentioned boy who is given a notebook with a special power: when its bearer writes a name in it, that person will die. An interesting story and character study. What would you do with the power to kill anyone?

Girl Got Game -- (Shoujo/Romance/Sports) A girl who's incredibly good at basketball goes to a high school. Unfortunately, her father enrolled her as a boy. Just a fun read, though there's a fair bit of romance.

H2 -- (Sports/Romance/Slice of Life) This is an "Adachi manga". Adachi is a mangaka known for making manga about high schoolers playing sports and falling in love. This particular one is about baseball, and is pretty good.

Living Game -- (Romance/Slice of Life/Comedy) A worker is forced to live with a young, female co-worker who is a high school student. A decent story about the trials and tribulations of romance with someone separated by a large age gap.

Prince of Tennis -- (Shounen/Sports/Comedy) High school students play tennis. Perhaps more aptly described as "Tennis Ball Z" -- it has that kind of feeling. One of my favorite sports mangas.

Rurouni Kenshin -- (Shounen/Historical) One of the legends -- the story of a wandering samurai determined to repent for his bloody past. This has everything.

Yakitate!! Japan -- (Shounen/Cooking) A great manga about baking bread filled with puns and comedy. See what I did there? It works either way.

Ongoing Manga wrote:
Naruto -- (Shounen) You should know this. It's a pretty good shounen manga with roots in Japanese mythology that tells the story of a boy with immense strength and powers, but a dark, strange past. Sound familiar?

Bleach -- (Shounen) A boy becomes a Shinigami, or Death God, and finds that he has immense strength and powers due to his dark, strange past.

Hajime no Ippo -- (Shounen/Comedy) This manga starts out with a boy that everyone thinks is a wimp; through persistence, determination, and a lot of hard work, he becomes a boxer that is ready to walk the road to challenging the world. It has a fair amount of comedy and I love it, despite not really having any interest in boxing.

Yotsubato -- (Slice of Life/Comedy) A series of vignettes about a little girl from "over there". She does all kinds of weird stuff and enjoys her life, living in the moment. No drama, all fun.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn -- (Shounen) The main character is a regular boy that finds that he's become the head of a mafia group... and that the various mafia groups use their super powers to rebuild war-torn countries and help the poo-- uh, no. They fight.

Full Metal Alchemist -- (Shounen) A world where alchemy, not science became the driving force of technology. Two brothers search for a way to restore their bodies, which they lost to pay the price for human transmutation -- their attempt to revive their dead mother.

Just a handful of the things I've read that I think are definitely worth reading if you ever decide to delve into some manga, both well-known and not.

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