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 Post subject: Irreversible (2002)
PostPosted: 090415 01:53 
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I want to say that Irreversible is one of the greatest films ever created. It is absolutely amazing in every aspect. And so utterly disturbing. To describe the experience of watching Irreversible in a single word, I would choose "uncomfortable". And yet so very effective. It's not the kind of film that you go to see to be entertained; it's the kind of film that makes a powerful statement and has the ability to change you.

Irreversible is a gruesome anti-revenge tale told in reverse, for significant effect, with swirling camera movements that are at times - not to shy away from the truth - very annoying and possibly even nauseating. But that's a primary part of the narrative. Besides, nothing about this movie is comfortable, and that's why it's so very effective. This film also contains what has been accurately described as one of the most uncomfortably realistic depictions of rape - the camera refuses to cut or fade, but it's not done for exploitative purposes, to entertain, or primarily to shock (though it certainly does), but rather for the purpose of really drilling home the absolute horror and vileness of the act (and by the way, mission accomplished).

I could say so many good things about this film, but I also want to avoid saying too much about it, because I don't want to spoil the whole experience of it. The film takes you into the very bowels of an earthly Hell, populated by humans whom you could easily believe are demons, but it's not about the violence - the film has a story to tell and a point to be made. This is art, this is cinema, this is a masterpiece of filmmaking. I would make this film mandatory viewing for everyone, because it's that effective, but the honest truth is that most people probably don't have the stomach for it, or the interest to step that far into the void. But for those who do, put this film on your list. But be warned - once you watch it, you can never take your innocence back.

I see what you did there.

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