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 Post subject: Albert "Ice Man" Collins
PostPosted: 090227 13:24 
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So I recently got my hands on Albert Collins' 1978 album Ice Pickin', and it's a fantastic album. I have to say, I really like Albert Collins as a musician, and as a bluesman. He's got a lot of charisma, and it shows in the way he plays and sings. All those stories about his 100 foot guitar chord and him hanging out at the bar during (*while* playing) guitar solos and ordering pizzas from across the block and stuff - I can totally believe it. And he doesn't just play the guitar well, but he plays it with his own distinct style - which is really more of a character, the character of The Ice Man.

Albert Collins is The Ice Man. Sure as Eric Clapton is Slowhand, and Harvey Mandel is The Snake, Albert Collins is The Ice Man. Not sure *exactly* when or how he got the nickname, but it's often attributed to his icy guitar tone. Or the icy-tempered blues songs he sings. Maybe he just likes ice, but I think the idea of it is really cool. :D He has songs like "Cold, Cold Feeling" and "Avalanche" and "Frosty", and the cover of the Ice Pickin' album is a photo of him with his guitar plugged into a huge block of ice! It's just so damn cool! And the music is great, solid, classic, electric blues. He's goin' into my favorites with the others, like Freddie King and Jimmy Dawkins. ^^


I see what you did there.

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