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 Post subject: Exiles on Mainstreet
PostPosted: 090228 04:06 
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Exile on Mainstreet is quite possibly the greatest album by The Rolling Stones. It's not packed with hits like some of their other albums but what it offers is, to me, a transcendental style. The Stones' style is always distinct but Exile is on a different plane. Exile isn't just a dirty rocking groove like the rest of the Stones output, Exile is a whole mood, it radiates with a degenerate joy. It's a drunk and stoned outpouring of excess emotion, the epitome' of volatile youth, a group of people in the midst of darkness so ready to self-destruct that they can find euphoric escapism in the company of their bretheren. There's just certain plateaus of joy that you can't reach without being beaten down, overburdened, without anything to look forward to. When you seek solace because for gods sake you NEED to. A lot of things try to express this feel and none of them do it this well. This album is beautiful.

Anyway, dad always calls it "Exiles on Mainstreet." Even on his copy of the album, he has "Exiles on Mainstreet" written on it, via labelmaker. I've always thought that his title was so much better than the original S-less title. "Exiles on Mainstreet" is just plain badass. It instantly paints a vivid picture, I imagine scores of leather-clad outcasts flooding an upscale district, the forsaken ones taking over the town. "Exile on Mainstreet" is a good title too, but its picture is not nearly as instant. I'm not sure exactly what it is, *the* exile on mainstreet, *an* exile on mainstreet? Is it an event, a frequent activity, an idea, a person? It makes me think more of people being exiled TO mainstreet, like poor people during a depression, more of a societal turmoil thing than a rebel uprising.

Rocks Off is also perhaps my favorite Stones song. If you ask me, it's a disillusionment anthem as great and iconic as Smells Like Teen Spirit. And having the dreams I do, I sure as hell can relate to only being happy in my dreams.

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 Post subject: Re: Exiles on Mainstreet
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Wow, it's crazy that you bring that up. The superfluous 's' has always bugged me, but it's only because I know it's "supposed" to be singular (call it a Kitsu Chiri moment (from Zetsubou) :D ). Anyway, your description of the album matches up well with my experience of it. It's definitley not only a fantastic album, but a transcendent one as well. I've always thought of the "exile" as a verb. Like, Exodus on Main St. - Exile on Main St., there's an exile going on, down on Main St., people are being kicked out of town. That sort of thing. You know, because the Stones were exiled from their homes, forced out of the country, during that period, for tax reasons.

I see what you did there.

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