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 Post subject: Koizora/Sky of Love (2007)
PostPosted: 090417 06:18 
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Japanese film Koizora is a romantic high school drama, with an emphasis on drama. High school couple falls in love, endures countless hardships, finally ending in a bittersweet finish. You know, the kind where everything goes wrong, but the girl's happy anyway, cause it was a hell of a ride.

I have to admit, I sort of lost my concern for the characters gradually as the movie continued on. It started out fine enough - a cute high school romance. Although the love scene in the library was a disappointment after the 'hype' I got. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to reveal spoilers to indicate what bugged me...

[Reveal] Spoiler: Everything
The rape was pretty shocking (although the rape itself was child's play). But then the couple has sex a little bit later, out of nowhere, and from that one encounter the girl gets pregnant. Alright, I can follow that, but they want to have the baby and start a family? Call me a heartless bastard or whatever, but come on, this is the modern age. Just because you slipped up once doesn't mean you have to ruin the rest of your life. Well, it doesn't much matter because the guy's ex-girlfriend conveniently provides an unintentional abortion by pushing the girl down some stairs.

The part where I really stopped rooting for the couple was when they broke up. The guy just started acting like a real jackass for apparently no reason at all. Then this other guy comes along, and the girl learns to love again. I liked that other guy, he was down to earth. I was rooting for him. But then the girl selfishly abandons him and goes back to the jerkwad father of her unborn baby who, apparently, had contracted cancer, which somehow (though I never quite caught on how) explains why he acted like a such a bastard back when they initially broke up. Well, at this point, I didn't really care about either of the characters. I'm glad the guy actually died, even if I could understand how much it meant to him having the girl by his side once again.

But what really bugs me about this movie is that so much sad stuff happens, but nobody's ever really genuinely depressed. Except maybe at the very end when the girl makes a half-assed attempt to kill herself by jumping off a five-foot high bridge into a pond. I mean, all those tragedies aside, the girl had it pretty good. Even after separating from her "true" love, she still had another guy on the side. And they were able to convince their parents not to divorce. Welcome to sunshine-and-rainbows happy land. Also, the ex, at the end, when she was pregnant. I'm pretty sure that was an indication that the guy was two-timing - which just reinforces my earlier suspicion that he's a no good scumbag "player".

The girl was pretty cute, though. And it's always nice to see seifuku, even in 3D. :nod:

I see what you did there.

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