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Convention Corner

Pittsburgh Comicon - The first anime-related convention I ever attended. My brother, who originally got me into anime around the same time, was the one who told me about the con. I attended every year while I was in high school, each spring. Once I left for college, though, I stopped going, only because I was always out of town during that weekend...

Otakon - The first true anime convention I ever attended, and still the largest. In college, I got to know more people who were into anime, and though I didn't get to go to Otakon every year, as it was more expensive and more of a real trip (since it wasn't local), I did make it there in 2004 and 2005, with friends.

Tekkoshocon - In 2007, college no longer an obstacle, I returned to the Pittsburgh Comicon, only to discover too late (for that year) that the Comicon was no longer a comics and anime convention, ever since the anime-only Tekkoshocon was formed the year I left town. So from then on I ditched the Comicon, and have been attending Tekkoshocon instead, which is growing larger every year, but is yet to match the size of Otakon.

Convention Calendar

Year Dates Convention Venue Attendance
1999 Apr 23-25 Pittsburgh Comicon Monroeville ExpoMart
2000 Apr 28-30 Pittsburgh Comicon Monroeville ExpoMart
2001 Apr 27-29 Pittsburgh Comicon Monroeville ExpoMart
2002 Apr 26-28 Pittsburgh Comicon Monroeville ExpoMart
2004 Jul 30-Aug 1 Otakon Baltimore Convention Center 20,899
2005 Aug 19-21 Otakon Baltimore Convention Center 22,000
2007 Apr 27-29 Pittsburgh Comicon Monroeville ExpoMart
2008 Apr 11-13 Tekkoshocon VI Greentree Hotel
2009 Apr 3-5 Tekkoshocon VII David L. Lawrence Convention Center 3,239
2010 Apr 8-11 Tekkoshocon VIII David L. Lawrence Convention Center 3,522
2011 Mar 31-Apr 3 Tekkoshocon IX Wyndham Grand Hotel 4,000 (est)
[Fri] Tentacle Rape
[Sat] Chii (Pink Dress)
2012 Mar 21-25 Tekkoshocon X Wyndham Grand Hotel 3,600 (est)
[Thu] Chii (Pajama Shirt)
[Fri] Japanese Schoolgirl
[Sat] Naruto (Sexy no Jutsu)
2013 Apr 4-7 Tekkoshocon X-2 David L. Lawrence Convention Center
[Sat] Tsukino Usagi
2014 Apr 4-6 Tekko David L. Lawrence Convention Center 5,111
[Fri] Japanese Schoolgirl
[Sat] White Rock Shooter
2015 Apr 16-19 Tekko David L. Lawrence Convention Center 5,983
[Fri] White Rock Shooter
[Sat] Alice
2016 Apr 7-10 Tekkosnowcon David L. Lawrence Convention Center 7,698
[Fri] Sailor Stripper Moon
[Sat] Sexy Pikachu
[Sun] Misty
  Dec 9-11 Sangawa Greentree Hotel
[Sat] Griffth (Well)
2017 Apr 6-9 Tekkosnowcon II David L. Lawrence Convention Center
[Fri] Sexy Pikachu (with Charmander)
[Sat] Tentacle Rape
[Sun] Misty / Griffith (Well)
2018 Apr 5-8 Tekkosnowcon III David L. Lawrence Convention Center 9,751
[Fri] Asuka (Yellow Sundress)
[Sat] Griffith (Well) / Sexy Pikachu (with Charmander, Poliwhirl, Ash)
[Sun] Sexy Schoolgirl
2019 Apr 11-14 Tekko DLLCC 11,385
[Fri] Sexy Schoolgirl
[Sat] Sexy Pikachu (with Charmander, Poliwhirl)
2021 Dec 9-12TekkoDLLCC
2022 Jul 21-24TekkoDLLCC
2023 Jul 20-23 Tekko DLLCC 9,978
[Fri] Luna Lovegood (School Uniform)
[Sat] Slave Leia
[Sun] Luna Lovegood (Casual Clothing)


"I realize noone's wise to my plastic fantastic lover."

Animated GIFs

School Rumble - Eri Shock (small, large)

Welcome to the NHK - Misaki Spin (small, large)

Code Geass - CC Spin (small, large)

Code Geass - CC Hair Twirl (small, large)

Chobits - Chii Twirl (small, large)

Shuffle! - Psycho Kaede (small)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Komori Guruguru (small, large)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Komori Breathing (small, large)

Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War) - Kaze/"Wind" (small, large)

Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War) - Shoukan/"Summon" (small, large)

La Blue Girl - Ride (NSFW!) (slow, fast)

Moetan - Loli Energy (probably NSFAnyone) (large)

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