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Anime Conventions I Have Attended

1999 Pittsburgh Comicon 
2000 Pittsburgh Comicon 
2001 Pittsburgh Comicon 
2002 Pittsburgh Comicon 
2003 --- 
2004 Otakon 
2005 Otakon (Pictures) 
2006 --- 
2007 Pittsburgh Comicon 
2008   Tekkoshocon VI (Journal) [Greentree]
2009   Tekkoshocon VII (Pictures) (Journal: 1 2 3) [DLLCC]
2010   Tekkoshocon VIII (Pictures) (Journal) [DLLCC]
2011   Tekkoshocon IX (Pictures) (Journal) [Hotel] Tentacle Rape
    Chii (Pink Dress)
2012   Tekkoshocon X (Pictures) (Journal) [Hotel] Chii (Pajama Shirt)
    Japanese Schoolgirl
    Naruto (Sexy no Jutsu)
2013   Tekkoshocon X-2 (Pictures) (Journal) [DLLCC] Tsukino Usagi
2014   Tekko [DLLCC] Japanese Schoolgirl
    White Rock Shooter
2015   Tekko [DLLCC] White Rock Shooter
2016   Tekkosnowcon [DLLCC] Sailor Stripper Moon
    Sexy Pikachu
    Sangawa [Greentree] Griffith (at the well)
2017   Tekkosnowcon II [DLLCC] Sexy Pikachu (with Charmander)
    Tentacle Rape (ver. 2)
    Misty / Griffith (at the well)

Pittsburgh Comicon - The first anime-related convention I ever attended. My brother, who originally got me into anime around the same time, was the one who told me about the con. I attended every year while I was in high school, each spring. Once I left for college, though, I stopped going, only because I was always out of town during that weekend...

Otakon - The first true anime convention I ever attended, and still the largest. In college, I got to know more people who were into anime, and though I didn't get to go to Otakon every year, as it was more expensive and more of a real trip (since it wasn't local), I did make it there in 2004 and 2005, with friends.

Tekkoshocon - In 2007, college no longer an obstacle, I returned to the Pittsburgh Comicon, only to discover too late (for that year) that the Comicon was no longer a comics and anime convention, ever since the anime-only Tekkoshocon was formed the year I left town. So from then on I ditched the Comicon, and have been attending Tekkoshocon instead, which is growing larger every year, but is yet to match the size of Otakon.

Anime Models/Figurines

"I realize noone's wise to my plastic fantastic lover."

Animated Anime GIF Images

School Rumble - Eri Shock (small, large)

Welcome to the NHK - Misaki Spin (small, large)

Code Geass - CC Spin (small, large)

Code Geass - CC Hair Twirl (small, large)

Chobits - Chii Twirl (small, large)

Shuffle! - Psycho Kaede (small)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Komori Guruguru (small, large)

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Komori Breathing (small, large)

Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War) - Kaze/"Wind" (small, large)

Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War) - Shoukan/"Summon" (small, large)

La Blue Girl - Ride (NSFW!) (slow, fast)

Moetan - Loli Energy (probably NSFAnyone) (large)

My Anime List - Anime I have seen (alphabetized by romanized Japanese title, except where original title is English):

Count: 157 entries, 95 TV series (2,573 TV episodes), 25 films, 37 OVA series (139 OVA episodes)

Manga in my posession:

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