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Friday, August 22
Day 2 - almost midnight (again)
Best Western
Lincoln, Nebraska

Whew, another long day. Got up early (8am), showered, had some free breakfast (just what you would expect from a cheap motel), then hit the road. Leaving the populated greater Chicago area, the land got substantially flatter, and then morphed into rolling hills - lots of farms all around. We crossed the Mississippi River this morning, and the Missouri River just tonight. Caught a few classic rock radio stations along the way - The Drive in Chicago, The Fox ("no talk Fox block"), and then The Brew. Although, expectedly, none of them are as good as listening to CD's.

Trip was so long. Didn't get in to Lincoln till after dark - pulled into a random hotel (Best Western) and scored a room. It's twice as expensive as last night's motel, but more than twice as nice - for sure. Long drive ahead tomorrow, too, so I really gotta get some rest, lest I wear myself out.