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Wednesday, September 3
Day 14 - 1am (next morning)
Best Western
Lincoln, Nebraska

Today was a rough day. Traveling east across the time zones is not a very forgiving venture. Back in big sky country - no more awesome mountains - tomorrow's gonna be a long, boring, tiring trek across the farmlands. Some ridiculous strong winds on the high plains today. I was tired enough that I resorted to drinking a frappucino - which was delicious, but I like to refrain from using "performance enhancers" whenever possible. That, and I'm not really a coffee guy. But an iced coffee is a reasonable compromise.

We rolled into Lincoln well after dark, and due to a difficulty in turning around (highways exiting onto highways, etc.), I got lost in downtown Lincoln. Very frustrating. I felt better after swapping my contacts for glasses, and - gasp - asking for directions at a Shell. Of course, as soon as I ask, it turns out to be as simple as following the closest road straight to the interstate. Granted, it would have been farther than I would have gone without knowing it was the right way, lest I find out it led in the wrong direction. Anyway, we finally pulled into the same Best Western we stayed at on the way out, after midnight. With a room this nice for such a nice price (and with a AAA discount), I'm wondering why we've been settling for all these dirty motels...

Well, I have got to get some sleep, or tomorrow will be even rougher...