I have bred ??? gold Chocobos so far!


In this game, you actually get to raise your own Chocobos. But this takes a lot of time and money. You can only do this after you have your airship, the Highwind. The useful options for raising Chocobos are listed and described below. If you're looking to breed the Gold Chocobo or any of the other special chocobos, follow the instructions located under the Special Chocobos section below.

Catching Chocobos / Greens / Nuts / Stables / Moving Chocobos / Feeding Chocobos / Mating Chocobos
Releasing Chocobos / Riding Chocobos / Chocobo Racing / Chocobo Sage / Special Chocobos / Materia Caves


Your first step towards becoming a great Chocobo trainer is to catch a Chocobo. To do this, you need the Chocobo Lure materia and a lot of greens. When you first come to Choco Bill's Chocobo Ranch, you can purchase a Chocobo Lure materia from Choco Billy for 2000 Gil. (You can also talk to the Chocobo by the fence. Reply with "Wark" and the Chocobos will do a dance. When they're finished, they'll give you the Choco/Mog materia, your first summon materia!). Later in the game, if you decide to raise Chocobos, you can find a Chocobo Lure materia lying on the ground at the bottom of the screen at the Ranch. You can find Chocobos in the wild only while you have the Chocobo Lure materia equipped and only in an area with Chocobo tracks on the ground. Fight along the tracks until you get into a battle with a Chocobo (along with some other enemies). Shortly into the fight, the Chocobo will usually get scared and run away. It will also run away if it is attacked. To keep the Chocobo around, you can give it some greens. To catch the Chocobo, you have to kill all the enemies before the Chocobo runs away. You can now ride on your newly caught Chocobo! When you decide to dismount, you will have the option to send the Chocobo to the stables. When you go back to the Ranch, you should see your Chocobo running around right outside the barn.

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Gysahl (Gizzard)  Chocobo Ranch    100 Gil                  *    
Krakka (Karaka)   Chocobo Ranch    250 Gil          *            
Tantal            Chocobo Ranch    400 Gil   *      *       *    
Pahsana(Pasana)   Chocobo Ranch    800 Gil          *            
Curiel (Kurie)    Chocobo Ranch   1000 Gil   *              *    
Mimett (Memit)    Chocobo Ranch   1500 Gil   *              *    
Reagan            Chocobo Sage    3000 Gil   *              *    
Sylkis            Chocobo Sage    5000 Gil   *      *       *    

When you give a Chocobo some Greens, its stats will increase. Different stats will increase (speed, intelligence, stamina) depending on which Greens you use.
(TIP: Sylkis Greens are the best.)

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     NUTS             LOCATION            PRICE 
Pepio  (Pipio)      Chocobo Ranch        100 Gil
Luchile(Ruchin)     Chocobo Ranch        200 Gil
Saraha              Chocobo Ranch        400 Gil
Lasan               Chocobo Ranch        600 Gil
Pram   (Param)      Chocobo Sage        1500 Gil
Porov  (Porofu)     Chocobo Sage        2000 Gil
Carob                Gold Saucer         500 GP 
''                   Icicle Area          STEAL 
Zeio                Goblin Island         STEAL 

Carob Nuts can either be purchased at the Gold Saucer for 500 GP, or stolen from the dragon Vlakorados in the Icicle Area near Bone Village. Zeio Nuts can be stolen from the Goblins found on Goblin Island, which is located East of the Northernmost continent.

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You can purchase up to 6 stables from Choco Bill for 10,000 Gil each. You need these stables to keep the Chocobos you're going to raise.

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This is the first of many options Choco Billy has for you when you get some Chocobos. When you have caught a Chocobo, you can move it from outside into its own stable. Choco Billy will help you decide which Chocobo to choose by telling you how healthy it is. A Chocobo can be Weak, Poor, Mediocre, Average, Fair, Good, Great, or Wonderful. At the Chocobo Ranch Area, you can get Poor and Weak Chocobos; Junon Area, Fair and Poor; Gold Saucer Area, Good and Average; Rocket Area, Mediocre; Wutai Area, Average and Fair; Icicle Area, Wonderful and Weak; Mideel Area, Great and Fair.

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Another one of Choco Billy's options. To increase your Chocobo's stats, you have to feed it greens. Each type of greens improves your Chocobo in different ways, as listed above. When you feed a Chocobo some greens and it doesn't improve, that means that Chocobo is as good as its gonna get.

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An important option that Choco Billy has for you. When you mate a male and female Chocobo, they will produce a baby. You have to use a nut, though. If you use a Carob or Zeio Nut, you might get a Special Chocobo (more information on breeding Special Chocobos below). Carob Nuts can be stolen from the dragon Vlakorados in Icicle Area. Zeio Nuts can be stolen from Goblins on Goblin Island.

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This option of Choco Billy's can be useful. When you need more room or no longer need a Chocobo, you can release it into the wild.

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Choco Billy has this option so you can enjoy your pets as they should be enjoyed. You can ride any of the Chocobos you have at any time. Yellow Chocobos ride over land; Blue Chocobos ride over land and rivers; Green Chocobos ride over land and mountains; Black Chocobos ride over land, rivers, and mountains; and Gold Chocobos can go everywhere and anywhere(including over oceans!).

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At the Gold Saucer, you can race with your own Chocobos to increase their class. A Chocobo starts out in C Class, but if it wins three races, it will improve to B Class, then to A Class, then to the special S Class. The more greens you feed your Chocobo, the greater you will do in the races. You will have a better chance of breeding Special Chocobos if you use Higher-Class ones. Sometimes, you will have to race against Joe on his Black Chocobo TEIOH, who always has higher stats than your Chocobos. If you have pretty good stats and you try, you can beat TEIOH without too much trouble.

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Hidden by the mountains of Icicle Area, you can find the Chocobo Sage's dwelling if you have the airship. He can tell you how to get all the Special Chocobos. He also has some good Greens and Nuts for you to buy. If you talk to his Chocobo, it will give you an Enemy Skill materia. Once the Chocobo Sage has remembered and told you everything he knows, you can talk to Chole at Choco Bill's Ranch and she will write it all down.

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How to get the Special Chocobos...

  1. First you need to catch a Good Chocobo and a Great Chocobo and give them each a stable (look under MOVING CHOCOBOS to find out where to get specific Chocobos). Make sure one is male and the other is female!
  2. Give them a lot of greens (preferably Sylkis), and race them until they are at S Class.
  3. Then, go near Bone Village and steal three Carob Nuts from Vlakorados.
  4. Now go back to the Chocobo Ranch. You should probably save your game before mating your Chocobos, because it may take a few tries to get the Chocobos you need. Mate your two Chocobos using two of the Carob Nuts to produce a River (Blue) Chocobo and a Mountain (Green) Chocobo, one male and one female.
  5. Feed them a lot of greens (Sylkis are best), and race them until they get to S Class.
  6. Next, mate the Blue and Green Chocobos with the last Carob Nut and you should get a Mountain-and-River (Black) Chocobo.
  7. Give this one plenty of greens (definitely Sylkis), and keep racing it until you can win some S Class races. Try to win the Chocobracelet. If you win a lot of races, you will get some extra prizes, including the Chocobracelet.
  8. Equip the Chocobracelet and go find some Chocobos around the Icicle Area. Keep searching until you get a Wonderful Chocobo (make sure that between your Black Chocobo and Wonderful Chocobo, you have one male and one female!).
  9. Feed it enough (Sylkis) greens and bring it up to S Class.
  10. Now, go to Goblin Island and steal a Zeio Nut from a Goblin (a simple task).
  11. Finally, mate the Wonderful Chocobo with the Black Chocobo using your Zeio Nut to get the Ocean (Gold) Chocobo! You can load this Chocobo with greens until it's maxed out and then race it a lot to win great prizes if you want. Now you have access to the mysterious Materia Caves you may have seen before while flying around in the Highwind!

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The ultimate reward for your Chocobo raising. This is where you get the best Materia!


Cave 1 - Northernmost part of Mideel Area - Quadra Magic - Blue Chocobo

Cave 2 - Near Wutai - Mime - Green Chocobo

Cave 3 - North of Corel - HP<--->MP - Black Chocobo

Cave 4 - Round Island (NE corner of world) - Knights of the Round - Gold Chocobo

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