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INTRO: Hello and Welcome, I'm Choco Bob. I'm an expert on Chocobos. This is my Chocobo Ranch, an informational website on Chocobos and the Final Fantasy series. I have included all the information I could find on Final Fantasy I, IV (II US), VI (III US), and VII, with information on V and VIII coming soon. As for my own preference, I would have to say that my favorite game in the Final Fantasy series is FFVI. It combines the irresistible gameplay of the previous games with the engrossing story of the future games.

THIS PAGE: For background info on RPGs, check the BACKGROUND section right below. Further down is the FF SERIES section, which contains info about the Final Fantasy series in general. Past that is the introduction to CHOCOBOS, followed by the UPDATES section in which I will explain the latest updates to this page. Next is the COMING SOON section where I can put down what I hope to accomplish on this page in the future. After that is the OTHERS section, with general and miscellaneous information. Finally, the CURSORS section contains everything about the special CometZone cursors on my page [VOID].

BACKGROUND: If you're new to the Final Fantasy series or RPGs in general, or you've been around yet aren't too keen on the basics, this is where I can help. First of all, RPG stands for Role-Playing Game, which is basically a game in which you take on the role of a character or characters and guide them through an epic adventure as the characters grow and discover the world around them, which they often end up saving from certain doom. Personally, the RPG is my favorite genre of video game, and Final Fantasy is the best.

FF SERIES: The first Final Fantasy game was one of the first (and, at least in my opinion, one of the best) RPG's. We were lucky to see it here in America for the original Nintendo system, though we did not see its two sequels. When FFIV came out in Japan, they did bring it over to America (for the Super Nintendo), but they named it FFII in order to avoid confusion. We missed the next game, FFV, but got FFVI, which was renamed FFIII in America. At this point, though, people began to get confused with the number differences between the American and Japanese versions of the games, so when FFVII came to America, it remained FFVII. And now there will be no further number changes.
If you're a bit confused, then check out the handy little chart below. Perhaps it can explain better...
FF = Final Fantasy
N/A = Not Available
F = Famicom (Japanese equivalent of Nintendo)
SF = Super Famicom (Japanese equivalent of Super Nintendo)
NES = Nintendo [Entertainment System]
SNES = Super Nintendo [Entertainment System]
PS = Sony PlayStation
PS2 = The Supreme Console: Sony's PlayStation 2

    TITLE        SYSTEM               I Have   I Have 
 Japan | US    Japan | US   Chocobos  Played   Beaten 

 FFI     FFI     F     NES    NONE      (*)      (*)  
 FFI     FFI     PS    PS     NONE      (*)      (*)  
 FFII    N/A     F     N/A    ONE       (*)           
 FFII    FFII    PS    PS     ONE       (*)      (*)  
 FFIII   N/A     F     N/A     ?                      

 FFIV    FFII    SF    SNES   MANY      (*)      (*)  
 FFIV    FFIV    PS    PS     MANY                    
 FFV     N/A     SF    N/A    SOME                    
 FFV     FFV     PS    PS     SOME      (*)      (*)  
 FFVI    FFIII   SF    SNES   FEW       (*)           
 FFVI    FFVI    PS    PS     FEW                     

 FFVII   FFVII   PS    PS     TONS      (*)      (*)  
 FFVIII  FFVIII  PS    PS     SOME      (*)      (*)  
 FFIX    FFIX    PS    PS      ?                      
 FFX     FFX     PS2   PS2     ?                      
 FFXI    FFXI    PS2   PS2     ?                      

CHOCOBOS: A Chocobo is something like an ostrich crossed with a chicken, and ridden like a horse. Typical Chocobos are yellow, though they can be found in a variety of colors including black, green, blue, white, and even gold. Chocobos made their first appearance in the US in Final Fantasy IV (II US). The Chocobo is such a wondrous animal that not a single monster will attack it. That is the main reason why we use Chocobos, they'll take us from point A to point B without any enemy encounters. This can be very useful, as you may know already...
!!NEW!! - CHICOBOS: In Final Fantasy VIII, there may not be as much of an emphasis on Chocobos as FFVII, but Chocobo fans (like me) are nonetheless introduced to the cute (and sometimes mischievous) Chicobos!! A Chicobo is nothing more than a small, baby Chocobo, usually with a lot of attitude. I'm looking forward to further exposure to Chicobos in Final Fantasy's to come!

UPDATES (8-31-07): Check it out - it's the first new page in years!! Head on over to The Ryu Room for a visual history of the dragons in classic Final Fantasy! You have to admit, dragons are pretty awesome!

(8-23-07): Wow, would you look at that! First update in almost seven years! Well, I was right about time passing on, but unfortunately this site never acquired the sheer volume of information I intended for it. But really, who has the time? Anyhow, I had to sell the farm, and I don't raise Chocobos no longer, though I still like to ride one every now and then, when the opportunity arises. I've just about finished polishing up this site for the big move over to my current webhome,, where the Ranch should be a little more secure than on ye olde Geocities. As far as updates go, I didn't change anything major, but I cleaned a few things up here and there, added a couple extra sprites (kudos to, and even finally added a song to the FFV page (kudos to Speaking of songs, I tried to make them optional, but I ran into some weird technical problems, so I scratched it. I figure it's a good enough sign that this site was meant to be viewed with music!

And yes, I've brought a gift, for all you loyal Chocobo fans, who have not forgotten this rundown old Ranch after all these years.
I present to you a bevy of various chocobo themes from Final Fantasy's IV through VIII (plus a few of my favorite tunes from FFIV). Enjoy!

Final Fantasy IV - Cry In Sorrow | Golbeza Clad In The Dark | The Lunarians

Final Fantasy IV - Choco Chocobo | Big Chocobo | Samba de Chocobo
Final Fantasy V - Mambo Chocobo | Go Go Boco
Final Fantasy VI - Techno de Chocobo
Final Fantasy VII - Chocobo | Waltz de Chocobo | Electric de Chocobo | Cinco de Chocobo
Racing Chocobo's, Place Your Bets! | Fiddle de Chocobo
Final Fantasy VIII - Odeka de Chocobo | Mods de Chocobo

(11-22-00): Well, I've got some good news, and some bad news. Wait, no..I just have good news! First of all, I finally beat Final Fantasy VIII last weekend and all I can say is "The World is Square"!!! I mean it!!! I guess Final Fantasy IX is next. Looking back on FFVIII, I would have to say that I didn't much like the gameplay, especially the Draw system. I'm a bit more partial to the old way of learning spells rather than collecting them like items. The Junctioning of GFs is a good system (much like the Espers in FFVI), but it was a bit tedious since so much depended on the GFs. Even so, I think there should have been more to choose from; after all, I love summons! In summary, the gameplay wasn't so much fun, not like the games prior to the Playstation, but I must say kudos to the people at Squaresoft for creating such a masterpiece! I'm talking about the story! With each new installment in the series, the story continues to grow more in depth and central to the gameplay. This time, the story was incredible. Subarashi!! Hopefully, we will see more of a merge between exciting gameplay and engrossing storyline in the Fantasies of the Future. Now then, what else did I have to say? Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving. Here are a couple of treats for you...

Moonlight carries the message of love...
Quick, look around that corner..IT'S ATMA WEAPON!!!
Some music for you to sit back and enjoy...
Question: What is the signature move of the Kame-sennin style of Martial Arts?
And finally, what would you do if you heard this noise in the middle of the night!?!

P.S. If you know anything about the superstring theory, e-mail me.

(11-4-00): I'm BACK!!! The Final Fantasy V page is now officially connected to this site!!! It will acquire information as time passes on (and trust me, time will pass on). As for Final Fantasy VIII, I added a section which details the steps needed to acquire some of the best GF Abilities like Revive, Auto-Shell, and Devour (that is, to be taught to any GF-not just learned by one)! I am looking into using FF icons to lighten up the site; I'll have a link to the site which contains the icon database I'll be using in the links section. On a completely unrelated matter, I think its quite exciting that October 30 may very well have been the last day in which there will NOT be Humans in Space! The Space Age is upon us! Check out the Discovery Channel website to learn more about the International Space Station. I can already envision a world in which a number of civilian space colonies are clumped together at geostationary Lagrange Points orbiting around the Earth, with the moon functioning as a spaceport for interplanetary travel from the Earth to the outer reaches of the Solar System!!! Exciting isn't it? (Oh yeah, I feel I should mention that part of that vision is actually a description of the Earth Sphere of Gundam Wing, but that just shows how realistic Gundam Wing is!!)
(8-31-00): Synopsis: Check Progress Section below...
(8-4-00): Synopsis: Fans of Japanese Anime and the preservation of cultural diversity, click on the Sailor Moon image at the top of the page and join up with SOSE (Save our Subtitled Episodes). BONUS: click on Freezer image!
(5-28-00): Synopsis: Magic Updates; New Music; FF8 Page!
(5-10-00): Synopsis: Just checking in...
(3-1-00): Synopsis: Pokemon Updates!
(2-23-00): Synopsis: Updates to the PokeCenter! Visit PokeBob's Pokemon Center now!!!
(2-20-00): Synopsis: Pokemon Page has been added!
(2-13-00): Synopsis: Final Fantasy IX,X,XI...FFXI to be online only! FFX and FFXI will be on Playstation 2...

COMING SOON: I was just updating the PROGRESS section, and when I got to the part with the Cactuar GF I thought to myself, "Cactuars are so cool, I think they deserve their own special mention on this site," so look forward to Cactuar Corner coming soon!! In addition, there will be: More Summon Info for FFIV; Character Info + Story Info + complete Summon Info for FFVI; Character Info + Story Info + Magic Info for FFVII; FFVIII Info coming, including Summoning the Chocobos and Where to Find Rare Cards; Complete charts and graphs on Pokemon page; Possible Chrono Trigger page; Final Fantasy IX,X,XI pages in the future...There's a lot more coming, which means it'll take a while, but enjoy it as it comes!

PROGRESS (11-22-00): I beat Final Fantasy VIII! Now all that's left is to show that Omega Weapon a thing or two about the art of fighting (yeah right!). Well, I've beat him before, and I'll beat him again! Sooner or later, I'll get around to playing Final Fantasy VI again so that I can finally beat it. Other than that, I guess it's on to Final Fantasy IX!!!
(11-4-00): So, I have beaten Final Fantasy V! This means I can work on the FFV page! In FFVIII, I am in Sorceress Ultimecia's castle and have beaten all the bosses, including the powerful Tiamat; now I am working on a very good friend of mine who just won't go away (with this guy, who needs Ruby and Emerald Weapon!?!). I have actually beaten him in FFV, along with the Dragon Lord - and let me tell you it was worth it!!! On a final note, I did some experimenting with Card Moding and GF Abl Med-Refining, and I came up with some pretty cool items (check the FFVIII page for more info).
(9-4-00): Three words: Eden is mine! Let's just say it was Meltdown that changed the battle from impossible to challenging...
(8-31-00): So, Squall and the gang are back in action. The next mission is a long and daring one, and will commence with a forced entry into the Lunatic Pandora. But first, I have some cards to find and GFs to acquire. Among the rare cards I have already found are Zell, Squall, Quistis, Gilgamesh, Cactuar, Leviathan, and the appropriate Chicobo card. I have already found the Cactuar GF after an eternally long battle with an oversized Cactuar (I love cactuars!), and I even found the secret location of the King of all GFs, one of the coolest monsters around, BAHAMUT!!!

OTHER: Do you have a webpage related to Chocobos or Final Fantasy? If so, join one of the webrings on the next page. If you've been looking for a Chocobo to adopt, click below and get your own for your webpage. If you have any questions, e-mail any of my addresses below and I'll see if I can help. Or if you just want to give me suggestions, tell me how much you like my site, or how much it stinks, I'm only a click or two away. Don't be afraid to sign my guestbook, either, if you have a site you want me to check out, any comments on my site, or just to be in there. I hope you enjoy my site!

CURSORS: I have added special cursors to the rest of my site, including a really cool Capricorn Sign cursor on the Guestbook page. If you want to get in on the cursor excitement and upload a cursor for your own webpage or just for your desktop, click on the CometZone link at the bottom of the page [VOID]. You can even request ideas for new cursors! I requested a Chocobo cursor, but have yet to see it...

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