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Final Fantasy VIII...in a few words, it is Garden, SeeD, Squall Leonheart and Rinoa Heartily, Guardian Forces, Chicobos (yes, Chicobos), Drawing Magic, and the Evil power of the Sorceresses that transcends time. In my opinion, the gameplay for this one is not so great, it seems a bit too complex perhaps. However, the story is magnificent, and deserves an honorable mention all its own. Chocobos are somewhat sparse compared to the last game, but they're still there. Ragnarok is the coolest airship yet in the FF series. What more do I need to say? Read on, read on...


As Guardian Forces gain Ability Points while they are junctioned to a character, they learn useful Abilities, such as the Magic command, HP+80%, SumMag+30%, or Recover. By manipulating various items with the numerous Refine (RF) commands, you can acquire items that teach GF's special abilities. Ex: You want all three of your characters to have the Auto-Shell command, but only one GF learns it so only one of your characters can have it, right? Well, by Refining the right items, you can make items that will teach any GF a certain ability such as Auto-Shell. I have listed the steps that need to be taken to get the better GF Ability items below. Note that you may need to buy and use Amnesia Greens on your GF before you teach it a new ability if it has already learned its maximum number of abilities. Also, you must first learn the GF Abl Med-RF ability from Eden before you can get the following items.

P.S. You can buy all the GF items that need to be bought at the Esthar Pet Shop which can be accessed from the inventory screen if you have learned Tonberry's Call Shop command.

Phoenix Spirit (teaches Revive)

  1. Buy 3,000 Phoenix Down (100 at a time), or skip to step 3
  2. MED LV Up Phoenix Down --> Mega Phoenix (50:1)
  3. You can also skip the previous steps by directly buying Mega Phoenix (you'll need 60)
  4. Tool-RF Mega Phoenix --> Phoenix Pinion (3:1)
  5. GF Abl Med-RF Phoenix Pinion --> Phoenix Spirit (20:1)

Gaea's Ring (teaches HP+80%)

  1. Buy 100 HP-J Scroll, or skip to step 3
  2. GF Abl Med-RF HP-J Scroll --> Giant's Ring (10:1)
  3. You can also skip the previous steps by directly buying Giant's Ring (you'll need 10)
  4. GF Abl Med-RF Giant's Ring --> Gaea's Ring (10:1)

Adamantine (teaches Vit+60%)

  1. Buy 100 Vit-J Scroll
  2. GF Abl Med-RF Vit-J Scroll --> Orihalcon (10:1)
  3. GF Abl Med-RF Orihalcon --> Adamantine (10:1)

Moon Curtain (teaches Auto-Shell)

  1. Buy 2,000 Mag-J Scroll (100 at a time), or skip to step 3
  2. GF Abl Med-RF Mag-J Scroll --> Force Armlet (10:1)
  3. You can also skip the previous steps by directly buying Force Armlet (you'll need 200)
  4. GF Abl Med-RF Force Armlet --> Magic Armlet (10:1)
  5. GF Abl Med-RF Magic Armlet --> Moon Curtain (20:1)

Rosetta Stone (teaches Abilityx4)

  1. Card Mod PuPu --> Hungry Cookpot (1:1)
    (Hungry Cookpot teaches Devour)
  2. Tool-RF Hungry Cookpot --> Shaman Stone (1:1)
    (Shaman Stone increases compatibility with Bahamut by +3)
    (Tool-RF Shaman Stone to get LuvLuvG which increases compatibility with all GF by +20!)
  3. GF Abl Med-RF Shaman Stone --> Rosetta Stone (1:1)

Accelerator (teaches Auto-Haste)

  1. Card Mod ?Cerberus? --> Lightweight (1:100)
  2. GF Able Med-RF Lightweight --> Accelerator (100:1)

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