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This is the fourth game in the series in Japan, but, unfortunately, only the second to come to the US. This game is also the first Final Fantasy on the Super Nintendo or Super Famicom (in Japan). The characters join and leave your party at certain points in the game, but you always control Cecil, the main character. This game has a much more in-depth storyline than the first Final Fantasy, plus a lot more characters.

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In this game there are four different kinds of Chocobos: Yellow, White, Black, and Big. These Chocobos live in circular areas of forests called either Chocobo's Forest or Chocobo's Village. In the Land of Summoned Monsters, located in the Underground, you can talk with a Chocobo. Also, Rydia the Caller can summon a Chocobo to attack your enemies. In Toroia, there is a Chocobo Stable with Black Chocobos, but they don't know how to fly, so you'll have to find your own.

Chocobo Types

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The game begins as a fleet of Red Wings captained by Cecil the Dark Knight float across the screen. They arrive in the wizard's town of Mysidia. Following orders from the King of Baron, Cecil and his crew steal the crystal from the Elder of Mysidia and take some of the wizards as prisoners. Cecil doubts that what he is doing is right, and does not believe it is necessary. After defying the King of Baron, Cecil is sent on a mission with Kain, the Dragoon Knight, to take a package to the Village of Myst. When Cecil and Kain arrive, the package bursts open and sets the village on fire. Kain disappears, but Cecil finds a little girl by the name of Rydia, also the last of the Callers. From there, Cecil journeys across the Earth, making friends and enemies on the way. To truly oppose the forces of dark, Cecil ascends Mt. Ordeals and passes the test to become a Paladin, the warrior of Light. He learns that behind all the evil on Earth is a man named Golbez, who is collecting the four crystals of Light and the four crystals of Dark to open the way to the moon. Cecil's adventure takes him to the vast Underground, where he befriends a civilization of dwarves. Cecil puts up a good fight, but Golbez manages to acquire all the crystals. Then, the battle moves onto the moon, where the race of the Lunarians are involved. After the Lunarian FuSoYa assists Cecil in the destruction of the enemy's Giant of Bab-il, Cecil learns that Golbez is his brother, and that his father is a Lunarian named KluYa. The final battle takes place deep within the Crystal Tower located on the moon. Cecil and his companions put up everything they've got to defeat the evil mastermind Lunarian Zemus, but are then faced with the challenge of defeating the very essence of evil itself, which had been in control of Zemus the whole time. If they arise victorious, both the Humans and the Lunarians will once again be able to enjoy peace, but the evil power of Zeromus will never be completely destroyed.

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Unlike in Final Fantasy I, you have less control over magic in this game. Both White and Black Magic remain, but a new type of magic has been added, the all-powerful Call Magic. In the game, Rydia is the last of the Callers who possess the power to Summon the destructive force of various beasts, or Call Magic. I have taken a special liking to the idea of Monster Summons over my RPG history, so I will spend some more time on them than I do with conventional spells. Another new type of magic has been added, Ninja Magic. Only Edge can use Ninja Magic, which is not very strong, but it is a good addition to a strong fighting character. Only certain characters can use certain types of magic and they learn the individual spells at specific levels. To regulate the use of magic, an MP (Magic Power) scale has been added to this game which acts very much like the familiar HP (Hit Points) scale. Each spell uses a certain amount of MP, and MP can be restored much like HP at inns and with certain items (and by talking to a white Chocobo!). MP increases along with HP as experience is gained and the character's levels increase. The better the spell, the more MP will be needed to cast it, in most cases.

Now for my favorite part, Call Magic! Most Call spells cannot be learned like other spells through leveling up. Now remember that a Call spell is a monster summon. For most Calls, the monster to be called will challenge you to prove your worthiness and will then have to be defeated in battle before it will agree to aid you in your quest. A most honorable challenge, I say! This also opens up a most interesting special option found within this game. There are certain specific Call spells to be learned, but if you do battle with an enemy a large amount of times (very large), you may be able to learn that enemy's Call spell. For example, I did battle with armies of lowly imps and finally I learned the Imp Call spell. Now, an Imp summon is pretty useless, but imagine being able to call other, more powerful random enemies in the game. Of course, the effort is probably not worth it, but the idea is intriguing nonetheless. (update 2007: other confirmed enemy Call spells - Bomb, Mage, Cockatrice)

Chocobo / Mist Dragon / Titan / Shiva / Indra / Jinn
Asura / Leviathan / Sylph / Odin / Bahamut / Imp!!!

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