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Well, to make up for the lack of information on this page, I will let you in on my strategies for killing the godlike Omega as well as the all-powerful Dragon Lord, Shinryu! Actually, I killed Shinryu first, and then Omega.

Shinryu, the Dragon Lord: I would estimate the Dragon Lord's HP to be somewhere above 100,000! Here's the plan. Make sure at least three of your characters have mastered the 2-Swords ability of the Ninja and every character has mastered the Dance ability of the Dancer. You'll also want three characters with high level White Magic and one with Summon. Now, equip a Ribbon and a Coral Ring on every character (you'll need the Coral Ring to survive Shinryu's first attack). Also equip some good armor (I recommend CrystalMail and MirageVest). Equip appropriate weapons, Artemis Bow for the one who hasn't mastered 2-Swords and use the Sword Dance like crazy to take out the Dragon Lord. Your Summon character should cast Golem early and if it runs out, the rest of the team should make use of cure spells when needed. Keep your HP up and cross your fingers for those Sword Dances and the battle should be yours. When you win, you will acquire the Dragon Seal, plus the secret treasure and greatest item/weapon in the game, the Ragnarok!

The team I used is diagramed below (unfortunately, I forgot most of the weapons I used...)...

Omega the Heartless: I'd say Omega has about 60,000 HP. The only way to effectively hurt Omega is with Bolt magic, but the only way to effectively hit Omega without having him annihilate you with counter attacks is with a sword. What's the answer? Sorcery! That's right, Sword Magic! Of course, you'll also want to learn the Aim ability as well if you expect to actually hit Omega! Have two characters attack with Bolt3 charged swords while the other two use Cure3, Arise, Haste2, Float, Blink, Shell, Regen, and Quick from the White and Time magic categories. Don't forget to equip Fire Rings, they'll really give you a much better fighting chance against Omega's Atom Ray. If you do win, you'll get the Omega Badge, which is proof of your abilities! Review the layout below...

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