I have ridden ??? Chocobos so far!


The third Final Fantasy to be seen in the US. This one has even more characters and a much deeper storyline than the last two. At many parts in the game, you have a wide variety of characters to put in your main party, and sometimes you control two or three parties at a time! You have the choice of strengthening any of the characters you want to create a customized team.

In this game, there is only the Yellow Chocobo. You can purchase a ride at a Chocobo Stable in most towns for 80 GP. This Chocobo acts pretty much the same as the Yellow Chocobo from the other game. In some places, you can find a hidden Chocobo Stable in the forest (similar to the last game, but the forest isn't circular), and the ride will cost you 100 GP.

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The Final Fantasy VI magic system, what I call the Esper System, is the first I've seen of a system which involves the combining of an entity to a character to learn spells. The Esper system does have some similarities to the Materia System in FFVII and the Guardian Forces from FFVIII. There are a number of Espers within the game that will give you their power (by transforming into magicite). One Esper can be equipped on a character at a time, and each Esper teaches specific spells at specific rates. Magic Points are gained in battle and different Espers will utilize the Magic Points at different rates to teach Magic Spells faster or slower than other Espers. There are no real divisions between White and Black Magic, since everyone has the ability to learn all spells, but you can tell the difference between Recovery (White) Magic, Offensive (Black) Magic, and Strategic Magic, which is a combination of the White and Black Magic spells that affect only status. The use of these spells is regulated by MP, just like in Final Fantasy IV. The Call spells of Final Fantasy IV are still present in Final Fantasy VI, but are much simpler to use. While an Esper is equipped, it can be summoned only once per battle to cast its spell. This unfortunately eliminates the need to fight against the monster to earn its summon, but some of the Espers are hard enough to get, which almost makes up for it. Another addition to the Magic in this game is Strago's Lore Magic, which is the same as the Enemy Skill Materia in FFVII and Quistis' Blue Magic in FFVIII: certain spells that the enemies use can be learned by feeling the effect of that spell in battle first.

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