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This is the game that started it all! The first Final Fantasy. Although no Chocobos can be found in this game, it is still a lot of fun. Unlike later Final Fantasy's, in this game you start out with 4 characters out of 6 different character types (Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage) and your group doesn't change for the rest of the game (aside from increased stats and a special upgrade). In the game, you don't learn magic, you have to buy the spells at Magic Shops around the world. Your methods of travel during your adventure include walking (boring), pirate ship (fun), canoe (dangerous), and airship (awesome).

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The world is losing balance. Monsters are roaming the planet. The elemental Fiends of WATER and WIND team up to terrorize the people of the northern civilization. 200 years later, the Fiend of EARTH begins to take the life from the ground. The sage Lukahn prophesizes that four heroes will come, each holding an orb, to save the Earth from total Chaos. That's where you come in. The Four Light Warriors (you) travel across the world, battling the power of evil and fighting the four elemental Fiends of EARTH, FIRE, WATER and WIND to revive the power of the four orbs. After bringing life to the four orbs, The Light Warriors must then proceed to eradicate the very source of evil at its core.

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Final Fantasy I uses a fairly simple magic system. There are only two kinds of magic, White and Black. White Magic is mostly defensive, whereas Black Magic is mostly offensive. The White Mage/Wizard can use White Magic, the Black Mage/Wizard can use Black Magic. The Red Mage/Wizard can use limited amounts of both types of magic. Also, some of the other characters can use some magic after their transformation. Magic Spells can be bought by level at stores throughout the world. There are 8 magic levels with 4 magic spells per level per type (white and black), but a mage/wizard can only learn 3 spells per level. Most spells can be bought as soon as you have enough money (with a few exceptions), but spells can only be used after the user's level has increased to a certain point.

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