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Welcome to! I am zharth, and this corner of the internet is my own little home on the web. Feel free to explore the pages within, to the extent that your curiosity fuels you. If for any reason you wish to contact me, concerning anything on this website or anything else you think I might take an interest in, you can email me at the following address:


Learn More About Zharth:
  • Stream Of Consciousness - A brief look into the workings of my turbulent mind
  • ZQuotes - Words arranged into sentences, with quotes around them...
  • Blogger - My official blog (not for the faint of heart, narrow of mind, or shallow of principle)
Creativity Corner:
  • Photos - A showcase of my photography
  • My Music - A hub for the music I've recorded (and would like to)
  • Poetry - Some poetry I have written
  • Stories - Information on stories that are currently in my head (or typed out)
  • Candybar Dolls - Check out my various eLouai Candybar Dolls!
  • Flickr - Check out my photography on Flickr!
  • deviantART - Artistic exhibition of a select cross-section of my photography
  • Music on MySpace - Check out my music profile on MySpace [defunct]
  • Music - Listen to some of my music on SoundClick
  • More Music - Listen to more of my music on SoundClick...
Music Fandom:
Other Interests:
  • Anime - Check out my anime-related page
  • MyAnimeList - Keep up to date with the anime I watch!
  • Fave Movies - Check out a list of my favorite movies
  • Japan Journal - Notes and pictures from my trip to Japan in the summer of 2005
  • Toronto Scrapbook - Pictures from my weekend in Toronto in the summer of 2006
  • Burning Man - Journal from my road trip to Burning Man in 2008
My Old Webpages (Archived):
  • Zharth's l33t Avatar Warehouse - A webpage with thousands of custom made avatars (buddy icons), mostly inspired by anime, originally created for the AnimeNation community
  • Final Fantasy VI Wonderland - A Final Fantasy VI fanpage I made for a project in my internet technology class in high school, back in January of 2001
  • Choco Bob's Chocobo Ranch - The first website I ever made, with tons of information about the Chocobos in the earlier games in the Final Fantasy series (up to VIII)