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I first discovered eLouai's Candybar Doll Maker, rather humorously, from a personal email that was mistakenly sent to the mailing list of a group I was a member of during college. I've always been intrigued by "paper dolls", and the ability to dress them up, and eLouai's Doll Maker is an attractive *and* sophisticated digital version of that phenomenon. As you can see below, I've wasted a lot of enjoyable hours customizing various dolls, which I have now chosen to share with you...


_ . : | Dolls | : . _

< Freedom
My first ever eLouai Doll. Naturally, my first instinct was to make a hippie chick. Flower power! (Those bags came with the poncho...)

Lunesta >
Named after the prescription sleep aid, though not necessarily inspired by it. I think her facial expression goes a long way in establishing that sort of anxiety that tends to keep a person awake at night.
< Floressa
This one's just an experiment with a fluorescent theme.

Syrene >
My first 'dark' doll, she's got a bit of a punk thing goin' on. I love the scowl.
< Emeralda
My first attempt at a green forest elf, with an emphasis on 'green'.

Deedlit >
Of course, with forest elves on the mind, I had to try and make an imitation of Deedlit. <3
< Sandy
I think Sandy is just adorable. I like the warm fall atmosphere here; it kind of reminds me of "back-to-school", which is considerably less traumatizing for me these days.

Passion >
Sort of a Valentines-y 'red hot' meets 'black leather' thing. And yet, she's got such an innocent expression. >:)
< Razberri
There's clearly a questionable overtone surrounding this doll...ahem. The hair gives a perfect 'blue raspberry' vibe. What she really needs is a lollipop. :O

Elysia >
My attempt at a decidedly more normal girl, heh. Despite that, I actually really like her. ^_^
< Kathy
The requisite Catholic schoolgirl, of course. She looks oh so innocent, and yet, just look at the hemline on that skirt!

Lurleen >
An attempt at a country gal. But hey, she rocks that country fashion with style!
< Cerise
Hm, maybe a little skimpy for the park. And I don't know what that scarf's doing. I like this hairstyle, though. She's named for her tattoo. (Or is it vice-versa?) ;)

Artazia >
Kind of a cross between epic and ordinary - like a space pirate's schoolgirl daughter. I like the dark-yet-not-evil mood of this one.
< Sherri
A different approach to the black and red theme pioneered by Passion.

Nadine >
More of an ordinary young girl. At home, dressed casually, in socks. Still cute, though.
< Rebecca
Yes, actually inspired by Rebecca Romijn. Back when she was hosting some Spring Break-related program on MTV in the 90's, or something. Strange, some of the things you remember...

Magenta >
This one pretty much speaks for herself. Bit of a fantasy atmosphere. Looks like she could be a villain, though. Or maybe just tsundere. ;D
< Camille
Army chick goes to the beach! And manages to recover some of her femininity in the process. :p

April >
This is my attempt at 'fashionable'. Usually I'm content with just 'pretty' or 'cute' or 'sexy', and don't feel the need to overstylize. :p
< Angela
I made this doll on the fly, without any kind of a theme. After getting down a few pieces, it was just a matter of finishing her off consistently. I think she turned out alright. :)

Sachiko >
Requisite Japanese schoolgirl. :p
< Chii
Everybody's favorite persocom Chii, in the condition she's first discovered in (bandaged and discarded in the trash). I manually modified the bandages to make them more revealing ;). Still can't find good ears for her, though...

Lamina >
When I saw this fullbody template, I knew I had to make myself a forest faerie. She is totally cute. I have to admit, I love those freckles... o^_^o
< Gina
Gina the gymnast, I guess. Uh, practicing by a pond. That's right.

Candy >
She's the sweetest little thing you ever seen. ;)

< The Naked Photographer
The Nude Model >

A perfect match! It bugs me when the base form for dress-up dolls includes underwear, so I took the time to denude these and draw in the "offensive" bits (click on them to see the uncensored versions). I like them much better this way. :D

nude templates: male | female

naughty templates: male | female

< Adam and Eve >

Another perfect match - this time made in heaven! Adam's vine is actually available as a top for guys; Eve's top was modified from leaf eyebrows; and the "fig" leaves are recolored autumn leaves. ;)
< Komori
I came across this hairstyle which reminded me of Komori Kiri, so I was determined to finish her. I couldn't really find an appropriate "draped blanket" outfit, so I had to improvise.

Magical Girl >
I've always thought these wings were cute, but when I found a pair of matching shoes, I knew I had to make a whole mahou shoujo/magical girl!
< Carla
The first in my collection of "summer girls" inspired by the cool fashions of summer. I love the pink and white heart theme, and the fact that her pink flip flops match the flowers by her feet!

Caitlin >
This cutie is on vacation at the seashore, and it looks like she's ready to start a game of beach ball! Who's in?
< Summer
This summer chick is summer chic! She rocks the short shorts/bikini top style, pairing it with glamorous makeup and elegant heeled sandals for a summer evening on the town. Isn't her hair gorgeous?

Georgia >
This red trim yellow bikini just floored me when I saw it - so sexy! So I created a stunning blonde to wear it, and put her on the beach. :D
< Penny
The girl with the turqoise eyes - with hair ribbons to match! In the spirit of her pretty pigtails, I gave this girl childish features, and dressed her in something a kid might wear - cute and casual, pretty and playful.

Ella >
Also with a hair decoration to match her eyes! I thought the fishnet-covered torso was a striking effect, so I combined it with a cute pair of bloomers and some strappy sandals for a bit of alternative elegance.
< Leanna
The girl who wanders the desert. Leanna is a bit of a mystery. Her father works at an air force base. ;)

Hayley >
Intelligent, but soft-spoken, not unlike myself. She likes to spend a lot of time alone, in spite of the attention she receives at school. She likes the outdoors, and is not terribly fond of wearing shoes.
< Cindy
Isn't this red and white polka dot bikini just adorable? There was something little girlish about it so I picked out some blonde pigtails (inspiring her name) and gave her a sandcastle! The flying fish is actually a mermaid in disguise. ;)

Lilim >
Lilim is a space vampire, if it's not obvious by her appearance. She's friendly, but you might not share her opinion of what "necking" entails. ;)
< Paige
She's a cutie pie sleepy head, snug in her pajamas, dreaming of enchanted realms and pink castles. :)

Angel >
A rather generic angel girl, floating among the clouds, as she watches the action unfold on the planet below her, with her Cupidian Wand of Love at the ready. <3
< Misty
This is my eLouai adaptation of Misty from Pokemon, the Cerulean Gym Leader.


Anima started as a "selfportrait" doll, but I got bored with the guy options and turned her
into a girl instead. So you could say she's the feminine aspect of my personality. :3

Click her for more:

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