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(Click on the pictures for larger views.)

View of the CN Tower from the Gardiner Expressway, during morning traffic

A beautiful view of the Toronto Bay, from behind a willow tree [1600x1200]

A friendly pier bird

The CN Tower, framed by two other buildings
(do not be fooled, the CN Tower is much taller
than the other buildings in this picture)

Rogers Centre, which sits right beside the CN Tower

The tranquil fountain that sits at the foot of the CN Tower, complete with statue fish replicas [1600x1200]

The majesty of the tower exceeds one photograph

The tower that reached beyond the sun [1600x1200]

The view from the glass floor of the CN Tower, the tallest man-made building in the world

A beautiful cityscape, as seen from the skypod, the highest accessible part of the CN Tower, a whopping 144 stories above the ground

Simcity Toronto - would you like to unleash a natural disaster on the people of Toronto?

When the sun goes down, the lights come up

This shot doesn't nearly do it justice, but this was a beautiful view of the moon reflecting off of Lake Ontario

The Rogers Centre was lit up in some pretty purple lights, but none of the pictures I could get were very clear

What it's like to stand in the skypod at night

Electric snakes

The majesty of mankind

Perhaps a view only surpassed by that from an airplane or space shuttle

Downtown Toronto lit up at night, or proof that my camera can't take pictures of lights at night? - you decide

Okay, now this is definitely a UFO hovering over the city

Ah, the beauty of Toronto Island - note the sign which says, 'Please walk on the grass'

Beautiful island scenery [1600x1200]

The majesty of the maker [1600x1200]

Crowd control [1600x1200]

Toronto from across the bay [1600x1200]

Toronto from the middle of the bay

And to finish, a 360 degree panorama of the greater Toronto area, at night, as seen from the skypod

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