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Zharth's Classic Rock is a radio program I hosted on the college radio station (90.5 FM WVBU Lewisburg) during my four years at Bucknell University. My show ran once a week for 2-2.5 hours a show every semester until graduation. Most of my shows were characterized by a specific theme, and some of them, especially in the later semesters, were special presentations of artists or bands that I had taken extra effort to research and present in a detailed manner. You can view playlists from most of my shows below, so feel free to browse and I hope that my shows capture your interest - they were definitely fun to put on!

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If you're interested in what WVBU has to offer now, check out their website or listen to the station online!

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Playlists (Spring 2003):
Feb 05(Double-Shot Night)
Feb 12(Valentine's Day Special)
Feb 19(Guest DJ)
Feb 26(Long Song Night)
Mar 05(Led Zeppelin Night)
Mar 12(No Show - Spring Recess)
Mar 19(Instrumental Night)
Mar 26(Neil Young Night)
Apr 02(No Theme Night)
Apr 09(Artist A To Z)
Apr 16(Soundtrack To My Life Night)
Apr 23(Anything Goes/Farewell Night)

Playlists (Fall 2003): Playlists (Spring 2004):
Sep 03(Welcome Back Night) Feb 05(Murmur with Nate Patterson)
Sep 10(Political Conflict Night) Feb 23(No Theme)
Sep 17(Blues Night) Feb 26(Murmur with Nate Patterson)
Sep 24(Jimi Hendrix / John Bonham Tribute) Mar 01(Dazed & Confused)
Oct 01(Classic Guitar Riffs Night) Mar 08(Love Songs)
Oct 08(Psychedelic 60's Night) Mar 15(No Show - Spring Recess)
Oct 15(Acoustic Rock Night) Mar 22(Drum Gods)
Oct 22(Bonfire Night) Mar 29(Arc Celebration)
Oct 29(Halloween Special) Apr 05(Philosophy, Religion, and Death)
Nov 05(Pink Floyd Night) Apr 12(Return of the Blues)
Nov 12*(Guitar Gods: Part One) Apr 19*(Guitar Gods: Part Three)
Nov 19*(Guitar Gods: Part Two) Apr 26*(Guitar Gods: Part Four)
Nov 26(No Show - Thanksgiving Recess) May 03(Final Show of the Semester)
Dec 03(Twisted Christmas Special)   

Playlists (Fall 2004): Playlists (Spring 2005):
Aug 27(No Theme) Jan 25(Wintertime Blues)
Sep 03(Dreams) Feb 01*(No Theme)
Sep 10(Progressive Experiment) Feb 08*(Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page!)
Sep 17(The Doors) Feb 15(This Is Love)
Sep 24(Led Zeppelin - Last Concert) Feb 22(Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost)
Oct 01(War of the Worlds) Mar 01*(Gazing Into The Abyss)
Oct 08(No Theme) Mar 08(An Evening With Led Zeppelin)
Oct 15(No Theme) Mar 15(No Show - Spring Recess)
Oct 22(No Show - Fall Recess) Mar 22*(No Theme)
Oct 29(No Theme) Mar 29*(Jesus Christ Superstar + BBC Session 1)
Nov 05(Pink Floyd) Apr 05*(BBC Session 2)
Nov 12(Neil Young's Birthday) Apr 12*(I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again, Mama)
Nov 19(No Theme) Apr 19*(The Roots of Led Zeppelin, Part I)
Nov 26(No Show - Thanksgiving Recess) Apr 26*(The Roots of Led Zeppelin, Part II)
Dec 03(Last Show of the Semester!!!) May 03*(The Roots of Led Zeppelin, Part III & Last Show)

Playlists (Fall 2005): Playlists (Spring 2006):
Sep 01*(Still Alive And Well) Jan 26*(Winterland)
Sep 08*(Neil and the Horse) Feb 02*(Captain Beyond & Steamhammer)
Sep 15*(The Longest Night, Part 1) Feb 09*(Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs)
Sep 22*(The Longest Night, Part 2) Feb 16*(The Green God - Rise)
Sep 29*(The Rolling Stones) Feb 23*(The Green God - Fall)
Oct 06*(Journey Thru The Past) Mar 02*(If My Show Were Vinyl, This Would Be An EP)
Oct 13*(Robin Trower) Mar 09*(Ten Years After)
Oct 20*(Pink Floyd Live 1970, Part 1) Mar 16(No Show - Spring Recess)
Oct 27*(Pink Floyd Live 1970, Part 2) Mar 23*(The Concert Revue)
Nov 03*(Armageddon) Mar 30*(Every Blues You've Ever Heard)
Nov 10*(White Hot Blues) Apr 06*(Buried Alive In The Blues)
Nov 17*(Damn Right, I've Got The Blues) Apr 13*(Michael Bloomfield & Friends, Part 1)
Nov 24(No Show - Thanksgiving Recess) Apr 20*(Michael Bloomfield & Friends, Part 2)
Dec 01*(Leftovers) Apr 27*(Into The Great Wide Open)

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