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Wednesday April 2, 2003 8:00-10:30pm

Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin
Trampled Underfoot - Led Zeppelin
Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live) - Peter Frampton
Baby Won't You Let Me Rock 'N Roll You - Ten Years After
Five To One - The Doors
Knockin' At Your Back Door - Deep Purple
Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
Let It Rain - Eric Clapton
Old Man - Neil Young
We're Not Gonna Take It - The Who
Like A Rolling Stone (Live) - The Rolling Stones
Green Grass & High Tides - The Outlaws
The Grand Illusion - Styx
Nick's Boogie - Pink Floyd
When You Dance I Can Really Love - Neil Young
Like A Hurricane - Neil Young
Voodoo Chile (Long Version) - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Since I've Been Loving You (Live 9/4/70) - Led Zeppelin
Baba O'Riley (Live 7/29/02) - The Who
Wish You Were Here (Live 5/9/77) - Pink Floyd
Here Comes My Girl - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac

Notes: Notice the very beginning of my appreciation for Ten Years After. I would slip TYA songs into my show whenever I got the chance. I found out that there was an awesome collection of TYA vinyl records in the studio archive, and I took advantage of that fact. This was before I had owned or really listened to any TYA albums, with the possible exception of Recorded Live, which was the first TYA album I bought (side-note: I also bought my first Robin Trower album at the same time I bought my first TYA album - it was the 2-in-1 special that included For Earth Below and Live. The first time I listened to those albums that one day in the campus was unforgettable.)