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Thursday, February 23, 2006 6:30-9:00pm (The Green God - Fall)

A Fool No More - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
World In Harmony (Live) - Fleetwood Mac [Boston Tea Party, Vol. 2]
Coming Your Way (Live) - Fleetwood Mac [Boston Tea Party, Vol. 3]
The Super-Natural - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
Albatross - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
My Dream - Fleetwood Mac
Underway - Fleetwood Mac
Although The Sun Is Shining - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
Hang On To A Dream - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
Preachin' - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
Jenny - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
First Time Alone - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
Stop Messin' Round - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
No Place To Go - Fleetwood Mac
Looking For Somebody - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
If I Loved Another Woman - Fleetwood Mac
Evil Woman Blues - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
World Keep On Turning - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
Before The Beginning - Fleetwood Mac
Need Your Love So Bad - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
Out Of Reach - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
Jumping At Shadows (Live) - Fleetwood Mac [Boston Tea Party, Vol. 3]
Man Of The World - Fleetwood Mac [BBC Sessions]
Closing My Eyes - Fleetwood Mac
Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac
Bottom's Up - Peter Green
Descending Scale - Peter Green
The End Of The Game - Peter Green
Proud Pinto - Peter Green
Tribal Dance - Peter Green
Apostle - Peter Green
A Fool No More - Peter Green

Notes: See last week for more information about this special. The Fall part of the Green God special tracked Peter Green's descent into madness, focusing on the more haunting and melancholic material he wrote. This show is beautifully bookended by the incredible song, A Fool No More. The show opens with a version recorded with Fleetwood Mac, and closes with a longer and even more introspective version recorded at the end of the 70's after Green returned again to the world of music, having spent most of the decade in and out of mental hospitals, being treated with electroshock therapy for his schizophrenia.

After A Fool No More, we hear a couple more tracks from the Boston Tea Party, and then a selection of instrumental songs, where the emotion is carried by notes rather than words. Then I take a little sidestep to feature the other guitarists in the band, Danny Kirwan and Jeremy Spencer, including a song that sums up Jeremy's reasons for leaving Fleetwood Mac and joining a religious cult, not too long after Peter Green left the band. At that point, the focus is back on Peter, and I jump back to his days with John Mayall, to play a couple more subdued and emotional pieces, before jumping back into the Fleetwood Mac days, spotlighting Green's convictional approach to the blues. Then, it's into the descent itself.

From around World Keep On Turning, up to Oh Well, you can just feel Peter Green's state of mind slipping, from the haunting melodies and the personal lyrics. In the second half of Oh Well, there's a hint of Peter Green's desire to expand and experiment with music. After quitting Fleetwood Mac, to escape the trappings of stardom and the evil pull of the green manalishi (money), Peter Green released a very experimental and different album titled End of the Game. The best portions of that album are presented here. Afterward, Green left the music scene, as his schizophrenia advanced. He spent the decade in obscurity, running from his personal demons, until finally being persuaded to attempt music again by some friends towards the end of the decade, resulting in Peter Green's comeback album, In The Skies. Included among the tracks on that album is the new version of A Fool No More, which ends the show. Not long after his 'comeback', Peter Green slipped away from music once again, only to reappear much later in the late 90's for another comeback, with the Splinter Group, but that's a story for another special...