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Thursday, February 2, 2006 6:30-9:00pm (Captain Beyond & Steamhammer)

The Fool (Live) - Quicksilver Messenger Service [Lost Gold And Silver]
You're Supposed To Be Free - Steamhammer
Johnny Carl Morton - Steamhammer
Sunset Chase - Steamhammer
Contemporary Chick Con Song - Steamhammer
Turn Around - Steamhammer
Captain Beyond (Self-Titled Debut) [1972]

Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)
Myopic Void
Mesmerization Eclipse
Raging River of Fear
Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Intro)
Frozen Over
Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Time Since Come And Gone)
I Can't Feel Nothin', Pt. 1
As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea)
Astral Lady
As The Moon Speaks (Return)
I Can't Feel Nothin', Pt. 2

Bare Wires Suite - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
- Bare Wires
- Where Did I Belong
- Start Walking
- Open A New Door
- Fire
- I Know Now
- Look in the Mirror
Steamhammer (Self-Titled Debut) [1969]

Water, Pt. 1
Junior's Wailing
Lost You Too
She Is The Fire
You'll Never Know
Even The Clock
Down The Highway
On Your Road
Twenty-Four Hours
When All Your Friends Are Gone
Water, Pt. 2

Codine (Live) - Quicksilver Messenger Service [Lost Gold And Silver]
You Stole My Love - The Yardbirds
Avron Knows - The Yardbirds
Motorcycle Irene - Moby Grape

Notes: I'm pretty proud of this show. This was basically my ode to all the excellent bands that have largely become forgotten except by the more dedicated fans of the genre. I couldn't focus on all those great bands, as there's way too many out there, and still too many I haven't discovered yet, but I was able to focus on two great ones - Captain Beyond, and Steamhammer. Actually, I recall my brother telling me that there was only one song I played during this show that he recognized, only one. That makes me happy.

I was able to play the self-titled debut albums for each of those two bands, as well as some other assorted tracks, including smoe rare live Quicksilver Messenger Service, some rare Yardbirds, and even a Moby Grape track. And in between the albums I played the long jam from John Mayall's Bare Wires album, featuring Mick Taylor on lead guitar. The other Steamhammer tracks here are from their second album, MK II.