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Wednesday September 10, 2003 8:00-10:00pm (Political Conflict Night)

Star-Spangled Banner (Live) - Jimi Hendrix (Woodstock)
Monster/Suicide/America - Steppenwolf
For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
Let's Roll - Neil Young
Fight The Good Fight - Triumph
Us And Them - Pink Floyd
The Gunners Dream - Pink Floyd
Double E - Neil Young (Greendale)
Soldier - Neil Young
Unknown Soldier - The Doors
Goodbye Blue Sky - Pink Floyd
Military Madness - Graham Nash
Bring The Boys Back Home - Pink Floyd
Freedom (Live) - Richie Havens (Woodstock)
I'd Love To Change The World - Ten Years After
Revolution - The Beatles
Black Dog/Over The Hills And Far Away (Live)- Led Zeppelin (How The West Was Won)
Corporal Clegg - Pink Floyd
Red White And Blue - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Blowin' In The Wind - Bob Dylan
Refugee - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
White Summer - The Yardbirds
Rockin' In The Free World (Live) - Neil Young (Weld)

Notes: Whereas the themes had up to this point been rather bland (and inspired by corporate-radio), I think this semester is when I really started coming up with some rather interesting show themes. I remember the political conflict theme idea was pretty last minute. I had heard or read something about it being so close to the 9/11 anniversary, not more than a day or so before the show, and I got the idea to do a show featuring songs with a political message. It seemed like a perfect idea, considering that much of the music I listened to was focused around the time and scene of 60's protest. And so it was born.