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Thursday, October 6, 2005 6:00-8:00pm (Journey Thru The Past)

California Rain - Silvertide
Time Fades Away - Neil Young [1973]

Time Fades Away
Journey Thru The Past
Yonder Stands The Sinner
Love In Mind
Don't Be Denied
The Bridge
Last Dance

Look What The Cat Dragged In - The Rolling Stones
Fear Itself - Fear Itself [1969]

Crawling Kingsnake
Underground River
Bow'd Up
For Suki
In My Time Of Dying
The Letter
Mossy Dream
Billy Gene
Born Under A Bad Sign

It Won't Take Long - The Rolling Stones
Sweet Neo Con - The Rolling Stones
Rain Fall Down - The Rolling Stones
Let Me Down Slow - The Rolling Stones
This Place Is Empty - The Rolling Stones
Biggest Mistake - The Rolling Stones
Driving Too Fast - The Rolling Stones
Let's Spend The Night Together - David Bowie
Substitute - The Who (r)
Riding With The King - B.B. King & Eric Clapton

Notes: I have to admit, the programming on this show was the result of something of an ulterior motive. The title of the theme (Journey Thru The Past) is taken from an unreleased film by Neil Young from the early 70's, which I happened to pick up at the bootleg shop in Tokyo. I thought the title fit the show well because the focus was on two old vinyl records I had of albums that have not yet been released in CD format. I actually wanted to convert them to CD, but to do that I had to record them onto cassete first, and I figured I could use that opportunity to play the albums on my radio show, since they really are fantastic albums and would suit my show perfectly.

The first of those two albums is Neil Young's sort-of-live album Time Fades Away, which was released around the same time as Journey Thru The Past. The other album is the debut album by a band known as Fear Itself, featuring a psychedelic bluesy approach to rock with a female vocalist (Ellen McIlwaine). I'm most certain that, if nothing else, it made for a very unique and uncommon radio experience.

For the rest of the show, I played the rest of the tracks from The Rolling Stones' new album A Bigger Bang. I, somewhat comically, finished that block of Stones with a Stones song being covered by David Bowie, which is something I just happened to find lying around in the back.