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Thursday, March 23, 2006 6:30-9:00pm (The Concert Revue)

Castellorizon - David Gilmour
On An Island - David Gilmour
Takin' The Hit - Joe Bonamassa
Jam Intro (Live) - Joe Bonamassa [A New Day Yesterday Live]
Cradle Rock (Live) - Joe Bonamassa [A New Day Yesterday Live]
Steppin' Out/Rice Pudding (Live) - Joe Bonamassa [A New Day Yesterday Live]
A New Day Yesterday (Live) - Joe Bonamassa [A New Day Yesterday Live]
Standing At The Station - Ten Years After
A Sad Song - Ten Years After
Religion - Ten Years After
I'll Make It Easy For You - Ten Years After
King of the Blues - Ten Years After
Reasons Why - Ten Years After
I'd Love To Change The World (Live) - Ten Years After [Now]
Soul Singing (Live 05/05/05) - The Black Crowes [Tabernacle, Atlanta]
The Dragon's Song - The Primitives
Here Come The Primitives - The Primitives
Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin
Candy Store Rock - Led Zeppelin
Ozone Baby - Led Zeppelin
All My Love - Led Zeppelin
That's The Way - Led Zeppelin
The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin
South Bound Saurez - Led Zeppelin
The Wanton Song - Led Zeppelin
On The Beach - Neil Young

Notes: This show was bookended by the theme of Spring Break, which occurred the week earlier, opening with some tracks from David Gilmour's new album On An Island, and finishing with the title track from Neil Young's album On The Beach. The main theme for the show, however, was concerts - specifically, the concerts I saw over Spring Break. In addition to Joe Bonamassa, I saw Ten Years After twice during that week, and I had plans to see David Gilmour a couple weeks later. Some of the Ten Years After tracks played here are leftovers from my Ten Years After special from just before the break. I also threw in a live Black Crowes song I'd been meaning to play, which worked because I had seen them open for Tom Petty at a concert from the previous summer.

In addition to a couple more tracks from The Primatives, I spent a bunch of time playing most (if not all) of the Led Zeppelin tracks I had left to play on my show - remember I was making a point to try to play every Led Zeppelin song at some point on my radio show. Unfortunately, that means that these tracks were more or less scraping the bottom of the barrel (with exceptions), but that doesn't mean that it's not still rockin' programming, am I right?