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Thursday February 26, 2004 10:30pm-1:00am (Murmur (blues, classic rock, jazz, and funk): with Nate Patterson featuring guest co-dj Scott Donoughe)

Piece Of My Heart (Live) - Big Brother & The Holding Company
Knockin' At Your Back Door - Deep Purple
Broken Arrow - Buffalo Springfield
Ten Years Gone (6/11/77) - Led Zeppelin
Rollin' Stone (Live) - Humble Pie
Love Like A Man - Ten Years After
Goodbye Blue Sky (Live) - Pink Floyd
Master Of Ceremonies (Live) - Pink Floyd
In The Flesh (Live) - Pink Floyd
Run Like Hell (Live) - Pink Floyd
Waiting For The Worms (Live) - Pink Floyd
Stop (Live) - Pink Floyd
Stray Cat Blues - Johnny Winter
Not Now John - Pink Floyd
Steamroller - James Taylor
Who Are You - The Who
Rocks Off - The Rolling Stones
Fuckin' Up (Live) - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
The Jack (Live) - AC/DC
Ballad Of Easy Rider - Roger McGuinn

Notes: Although I did have my own show by this time, Nate invited me to his show once more. I made a point to play a bunch of songs with curse words toward the end of this show, since my own show was in the afternoon, and you couldn't play obscene material before 10pm (Safe Harbor). I had a few songs in mind that I hadn't played because of that reason, and I took the chance to play them here. Not Now John and Fuckin' Up were especially fun to play.

As a matter of fact, I remember that in the back room of the studio, where all the CD's and records were kept, there was a copy of the Neil Young album Ragged Glory (which I played a few tracks from during my time at WVBU), and the song Fuckin' Up was scratched out on the label, with a message stating "don't play this song...ever". So, I think it's really cool that I did in fact play it once.