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Thursday, November 10, 2005 6:00-8:00pm (White Hot Blues)

You Want It All - Silvertide
Help Me (Live) - Johnny Winter [Albert Hall]
I'm Yours And I'm Hers - Johnny Winter
Tribute To Muddy - Johnny Winter
Johnny B. Goode - Johnny Winter
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Johnny Winter
I Got Love If You Want It - Johnny Winter
It's My Own Fault (Live) - Johnny Winter [Albert Hall]
Black Cat Bone (Live) - Johnny Winter [Albert Hall]
Mean Town Blues (Live) - Johnny Winter [Albert Hall]
Memory Pain - Johnny Winter
I'm Not Sure - Johnny Winter
The Good Love - Johnny Winter
Tobacco Road (Live) - Johnny Winter [Albert Hall]
Mean Mistreater - Johnny Winter
Forty-Four - Johnny Winter
Fast Life Rider - Johnny Winter
Back Door Friend - Johnny Winter
Tell The Truth (Live) - Johnny Winter [Albert Hall]
Hustled Down In Texas - Johnny Winter

Notes: White Hot Blues can mean one and only one thing: the hottest albino bluesman the world has ever known - Johnny Winter! Although this show is largely bluesy in nature, it's not pure blues as Johnny Winter has also been known to dabble in rock n roll as well. In any case, this was a chance for me to showcase another one of my favorite artists at the time, like I had with Robin Trower a month earlier. The focus is clearly on Johnny Winter's first few albums, released around the end of the sixties, including the fantastic live album that now comes with the deluxe edition of Johnny's phenomenal second official album, Second Winter. This was a sure rockin' fun show. Edgar Winter is even present on some of the live tracks, as he was part of Johnny's band in those years.