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Thursday, March 9, 2006 6:30-9:00pm (Ten Years After)

One Of These Days - Ten Years After
You Give Me Loving - Ten Years After
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Ten Years After
Hear Me Calling - Ten Years After
Rock & Roll Music To The World - Ten Years After
Rock Your Mama - Ten Years After
Choo Choo Moma - Ten Years After
Woodchopper's Ball (Live) - Ten Years After [Undead]
Boogie On - Ten Years After
Bad Scene - Ten Years After
Sugar The Road - Ten Years After
Working On The Road - Ten Years After
I'm Coming On - Ten Years After
Nowhere To Run - Ten Years After
The Sounds - Ten Years After
Think About The Times - Ten Years After
Spider In Your Web (Live) - Ten Years After [Undead]
Help Me - Ten Years After
I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (Live) - Ten Years After [Isle of Wight Festival 1970]
I'm Going Home (Live) - Ten Years After [Recorded Live]
I Woke Up This Morning (Live) - Ten Years After [Live At The Fillmore East]
Spoonful (Live) - Ten Years After [Live At The Fillmore East]

Notes: I did some spotlight shows for some of my other favorite lesser-known bands the previous semester (Robin Trower, Johnny Winter), and it was only a matter of time before I did the same for Ten Years After. I wanted to wait until I had a good percentage of TYA's catalog first, though. The timing turned out perfectly, as Ten Years After, reunited with Joe Gooch in place of Alvin Lee, happened to be touring America in the spring of '06, and I had tickets to not one, but two - yes two - shows over Spring Break. So I waited till the last radio show before the break to do my Ten Years After spotlight, to get in the mood.

The previous week had been my first radio show that was aired over the internet, so for this show and the rest this semester, I was excited to have my family back home finally get to listen to my show in real time! And it just so happens that my dad and my brother are both also huge Ten Years After fans, so this was an exciting show.

I tried opening with a handful of hard-rocking, more well-known Ten Years After songs (if there's such a thing as a well-known TYA song, *other than* I'd Love To Change The World). One Of These Days seemed like the perfect first song, because of the way it begins. After those longer rockers, I chose a set of shorter, somewhat Chuck Berry-esque rockers. I wanted to point out TYA's diversity, so I played a really cool almost jazzy track (Woodchopper's Ball), then I put on an experimental jam (Boogie On). I picked just a few of my favorite tracks from Ssssh and later albums, before pulling out the killer single The Sounds, and a laidback shot of Think About The Times. After that was a couple groovy blues and then into the grand live finish - the epic live jam I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes followed by the unparalleled I'm Going Home and a couple blues-rock encores to end the show.

If there are some songs that you think should have been on this show but were not (I'd Love To Change The World, Love Like A Man, etc.), it's because a) I didn't have time to play everything (obviously), and I wanted to balance some of the better known tracks with some of the better lesser known tracks, and b) to be fair, in choosing songs to play for this show, I gave more weight to those songs and those versions of songs that I hadn't played on my radio show already, in the past. That way, stuff that never got played had a chance to be played before stuff that was already played got played again (everybody knows the number one illness of commercial radio is overplaying songs). So there you have it.