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Tuesday March 22, 2005 6:00-8:00pm

Smokestack Lightnin' (Live) - Quicksilver Messenger Service
Of A Lifetime - Journey
Boysenberry Jam - Moby Grape
Black Currant Jam - Moby Grape
Marmalade - Moby Grape
59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) - Bloomfield & Kooper
Sweet Jane - Mott The Hoople
Child In Time (Live) - Deep Purple [Made in Japan] (r)
Child In Time (Live) - Deep Purple [In Concert] (r)
How Many More Times (incl. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush) (Live - incomplete) - Led Zeppelin [Fillmore West - April 27, 1969]
Raga Bhimpalasi [Monterey International Pop Festival] - Ravi Shankar
Mona/Maiden of the Cancer Moon/Mona (Live) - Quicksilver Messenger Service
Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Neil Young

Notes: Sweet Jane was probably inspired by my dad, since he loves that song, and is also a fan of Mott The Hoople. This version of How Many More Times is just fantastic, and I had to play it despite the fact that the version I have is incomplete. I just love how they throw in a children's rhyme in the middle of this heavy rock jam. It's great. I had been waiting for a while to fit Raga Bhimpalasi into my show. Nothing wrong with a little raga to East up my show a bit, now is there?

Now, the story behind the double Child In Time here is somewhat bizarre. I got a call from what sounded to me like a young girl, maybe around the age of ten-ish. She mentioned something about either a friend or a sister, and I think there might have been a birthday involved. Anyway, I was surprised that she even knew the song Child In Time, which is a fantastic Deep Purple song by the way, being so young and all, but to my bafflement, she asked me if I could play the song twice. Now, this was a first. I had never had someone request a song to be played twice, back to back. Obviously, despite my healthy disrespect for the rules, I was a little hesitant to play one song twice in a row on my show. I expressed to this little girl my confusion, but she insisted that I play the song twice. I told her that I would definitely play the song at least once, but I didn't make any promises about playing it twice. So I searched the vinyl in the back of the studio, and got the wild idea of playing two different live versions of the song - that was something that I would have no problem with. So luckily for me, I found a second live Deep Purple album with another version of Child In Time, in addition to the one I had on CD. And so I played the two different live versions of the song. I really hope that little girl and her friend or sister or whatever were still listening. Maybe it was a prank call. Oh well, I thought it made for some great radio.