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Monday April 5, 2004 4:00-6:30pm (Philosophy, Religion, and Death)

The Rover Intro/Sick Again [Listen To This, Eddie] - Led Zeppelin
Heaven On Their Minds - Jesus Christ Superstar [Movie Soundtrack]
Raise A Little Hell - Trooper
Imagine - John Lennon
Let It Be - The Beatles
Let It Bleed - The Rolling Stones
Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem - Jesus Christ Superstar [Movie Soundtrack]
I Might Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always [Undead] - Ten Years After
Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum (r)
Any Way You Want It - Journey
Laugh, Clown, Laugh - Tiny Tim
Damned For All Time/Blood Money - Jesus Christ Superstar [Original Concept Album]
What Is And What Should Never Be [HTWWW] - Led Zeppelin
Rhiannon [Live] - Fleetwood Mac
Dogs - Pink Floyd
Tonight's The Night - Neil Young
Trial Before Pilate - Jesus Christ Superstar [Movie Soundtrack]
The End - The Doors
Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan & The Heartbreakers
Wot's...Uh The Deal? - Pink Floyd
Goodbye Cruel World - Pink Floyd
The Great Gig In The Sky - Pink Floyd
Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstar [Movie Soundtrack]
The Last DJ - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Notes: This show marks the return of my annual Jesus Christ Superstar tribute, and I was able to mold a whole theme out of it by mixing together philosophical songs, tracks from Jesus Christ Superstar, and songs about death.