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Friday October 29, 2004 8:00-10:00pm

Working Man - Rush
Black Betty - Ram Jam (r)
Comfortably Numb (Live) - Pink Floyd [Is Anybody Out There?]
Hell's Bell's (Live) - AC/DC [Live]
Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane
One of These Days (Live) - Ten Years After [Recorded Live]
Close To The Edge - Yes (r)
The Ring - Robin Trower
In My Time Of Dying - Led Zeppelin
The Sky Is Crying - Eric Clapton
Miss You, Hate You - Joe Bonamassa
Time - Lance Lopez
Restless Love - Sky High
We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Live) - The Animals
Who Do You Love? - Quicksilver Messenger Service
Song X - Neil Young
Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix Experience
You Don't Know How It Feels - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Notes: I guess Working Man was probably an accurate description of my days at the time, although not so much because of the 9-5 classes as it was the 5-9 homework. As for the live Comfortably Numb track, that song, along with Run Like Hell, were two songs I would listen to that my roommate really liked, and he would constantly ask me to put them on while we were both hanging out at our computers in our dorm room.

As for Close To The Edge, I remember this clearly. Some young guy called up and requested some Yes, and I asked him if he had a preference for a specific song. He was vague, and doubtful that I would play his request unless he picked a radio-friendly song. I informed him of my intentions, and mentioned that I'd even play Close To The Edge. He revealed an interest in that song, so I ended up playing it. But before I put it on, I came on the air and briefly explained how important playing that song was for me, because it was one of the first songs I got Nate to play on his show before I became a DJ myself.

As for The Ring, that was another random Robin Trower track I picked off the vinyl in the back. I actually did a search on the radio studio's computer to find out which tracks from the album (Victims of the Fury) were good, and I heard good things about The Ring, so I gave it a shot. I liked it. Victims of the Fury is a really good album, by the way. Don't be turned off by the fact that it was released in 1980, it's honestly on par with Trower's early to mid 70's albums.

You can see some more modern tracks this week, with Joe Bonamassa, Lance Lopez, and Sky High all making another appearance. Song X was a random track I picked off a CD copy of Neil Young's Mirror Ball that was in the back. I was obviously taking advantage of the material available to me, checking out some stuff I hadn't heard from bands I liked.