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Friday October 15, 2004 8:00-10:00pm

Mongoose - Elephants's Memory
Destroyer - The Kinks
Jail Break (Live) - AC/DC [Live]
Lazy (Live) - Deep Purple [Made In Japan]
Wild Thing (Live) - Jimi Hendrix (Monterey)
Dust in the Wind - Kansas (r - Socrates)
Pride of Man - Quicksilver Messenger Service (r)
Rockin' In The Free World (acoustic) - Neil Young
This Note's For You - Neil Young
As Tears Go By - The Rolling Stones
Love/Hate Relationship - Lance Lopez
Blues For The Green - Sky High
Reconsider Baby - Joe Bonamassa
Blues Deluxe - Joe Bonamassa
Whole Lotta Love Medley - Led Zeppelin [BBC Sessions]
A Little Bit Of Sympathy (Live) - Robin Trower [Live]

Notes: I can tell here that I didn't have much in the way of ideas, and was just sort of playing whatever. Socrates requested Dust in the Wind (remember Bill & Ted?), and my little brother back home requested the QMS track. The one thing that stands out about this show is the block of modern artists toward the end, with Lance Lopez, Sky High, and Joe Bonamassa. I still considered it classic rock, not because it was classic rock, but because it was modern blues rock that I felt fit in well with the music I played (that's why it's called Zharth's Classic Rock - I get to decide what's classic rock and what's not). I had ordered some smokin' guitar CD's from Grooveyard Records, and I wanted to play some of those tracks on my show. That's how I first got into Joe Bonamassa, by the way.