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Thursday, September 1, 2005 6:00-8:00pm (Still Alive And Well)

Jet Lag - Silvertide
Back In Black [Live] - AC/DC [Live]
The Railroad [Live] - Grand Funk Railroad [Caught in the Act]
Serves You Right To Suffer [Live] - J. Geils Band [Full House]
Work Me, Lord - Janis Joplin
Rattlesnake Shake [Live] - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac [Live at the BBC]
It's My Own Fault [Live] - Johnny Winter And [Live]
Love Like A Man [Live] - Ten Years After [Live at the Fillmore East]
Rock Me Baby [Live] - Robin Trower [Live]
If Heartaches Were Nickels [Live] - Joe Bonamassa [A New Day Yesterday Live]
Blues For The Green - Sky High
Thanks Jimi - Leszek Cichonski
A Bit Of Finger/Sleeping Village/Warning - Black Sabbath
Bring It On Home [Live] - Led Zeppelin [How The West Was Won]

Notes: The first semester of my last year on WVBU (and at Bucknell) saw the return of the 6-8pm time slot, which I had gotten used to, but featured the move to Thursday, where it would stay. I liked Thursday because it was later in the week, closer to that weekend vibe, but not actually part of the weekend - because I was used to my radio show being a during-the-week thing.

The Still Alive And Well theme, obviously borrowed from the title of a Johnny Winter album (that I actually didn't have), came about because I just thought it was a great title for the first show of the semester. And I'm sure it also had something to do with my renewed interest in the show that had been lacking that previous fall semester. Kind of a phoenix/rebirth sort of idea.

The previous summer, I had the delightful pleasure of getting to see my favorite modern rock band Silvertide perform at a small venue just across the border in Ohio. I had seen them open for Van Halen another summer earlier, but this was the first time to see them headlining their own show, and to see them up close. Furthermore, the band had announced that they would be filming their performance that night for a live DVD to be released in the near future. Naturally, I was ecstatic at the thought of possibly being in a Silvertide DVD! It was a fantastic show, and my excitement carried into this semester's radio show, as I opened each one with a track from Silvertide's limited discography - consisting of a single album (and a couple rare and 'unreleased' tracks). (Much to my dismay, Silvertide eventually scrapped the DVD project for obscure reasons, and it was never released, and possibly never even finished...)