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Thursday, October 13, 2005 6:00-8:00pm (Robin Trower)

Blue Jeans - Silvertide
Twice Removed From Yesterday - Robin Trower
For Earth Below - Robin Trower
Bridge of Sighs - Robin Trower
Long Misty Days - Robin Trower
Caravan To Midnight - Robin Trower
In City Dreams - Robin Trower
Victims of the Fury - Robin Trower
I Can't Wait Much Longer - Robin Trower
Shame The Devil - Robin Trower
In This Place - Robin Trower
Alethea - Robin Trower
About To Begin - Robin Trower
Somebody Calling - Robin Trower
I Can't Stand It - Robin Trower
Same Rain Falls - Robin Trower
Hannah - Robin Trower
It's Only Money - Robin Trower
Rock Me Baby - Robin Trower
Too Rolling Stoned (Live) - Robin Trower [Live]
Day of the Eagle - Robin Trower
Daydream (Live) - Robin Trower [Live]
Gonna Be More Suspicious - Robin Trower
A Little Bit Of Sympathy (Live) - Robin Trower [Live]

Notes: This night's theme has two significances. The first is that it's the first vaguely 'Halloween' themed show. Since Robin Trower's music is often very spacey, I figured it was a perfect time to dedicate a show to it, to ease my listeners into the mood of the spooky season. And in addition to that, it was an opportunity for me to really put a spotlight on what had and has continued to become one of my favorite artists - Robin Trower.

In fact, as I write this (almost one full year later), I am mentally prepping myself for a Robin Trower concert that I will be attending in less than 24 hours. I'm really psyched, and I actually just learned to play my first Robin Trower song on guitar - Bridge of Sighs - and I'm really excited about that.

This show doesn't have as much 'biography' to it as some of my spotlight shows in the next semester would have, but the focus is on my favorite tracks from Robin Trower's albums from the 1970's, namely, from Twice Removed From Yesterday to Victims of the Fury - the classic material featuring the original pairing of Robin Trower with vocalist/bassist James Dewar. In fact, I started the show by playing the title tracks from each of those albums (although not quite in chronological order). The majority of the tracks, however, are from the Robin Trower Band's first three albums (Twice Removed From Yesterday, Bridge Of Sighs, and For Earth Below), as they are so far my favorite. The outstanding version of Daydream from the live album (simply titled 'Live') is included here, and the show ended on Robin Trower's set closer, A Little Bit Of Sympathy - the perfect finish.

This was an incredible show, but not because of me. It's because of the quality of the musician that is Robin Trower.