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Monday March 29, 2004 4:00-6:30pm (Arc Celebration)

Section 43 (Monterey Pop Festival) - Country Joe & The Fish
You Keep Me Hangin' On - Vanilla Fudge
Evil Woman - Spooky Tooth
Rock And Roll (HTWWW) - Led Zeppelin
Dancing Days (HTWWW) - Led Zeppelin
157 Riverside Avenue (Live) - REO Speedwagon
Mr. Limousine Driver - Grand Funk Railroad
Ready For Love/Afterlights - Mott The Hoople
Arc (Live) - Neil Young
Angie (Thanks for the pizza!) - The Rolling Stones
Rollin' Stone - Humble Pie
No Quarter [Listen To This, Eddie] - Led Zeppelin
The Last DJ - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Notes: Now here's an ambitious show! Let me explain the significance of Arc. In 1991, Neil Young released what is quite possibly his heaviest live album - Weld. The album consists of two discs, but there is a third disc sold separately under the title Arc. Arc does not contain any more 'songs' left off of Weld, but instead, it consists of 35 uninterrupted minutes of pure feedback. It's not all that listener-friendly, but it's the kind of thing that die-hard fans of Neil Young take pride in, and tend to annoy other people with. So, somewhere along the line, I heard that Neil Young fans have dubbed April 1 not April Fool's Day (ironically), but Arc Day instead! And what these rusties, as some of them call themselves, would do is play Arc repeatedly all day long on April 1.

Well, this year, I actually did it. On April 1, I put on Arc in my room, turned up the volume, and left for class (not before locking my door). I don't recall any major complaints, but then you know how some people can be, where, instead of telling you what they don't like about you, they keep it to themselves and just harbor these hateful and spiteful feelings that show in little ways here and there. But that's a different story.

I didn't actually have a radio show on April 1, so I just picked the closest show and made that my own on-air Arc Celebration! I only played Arc once on the show, though. I did have some other fun songs, though, including a long jammy version of No Quarter.

I don't remember what it was about, but I was in contact with my friend's friend Angie (the person who originally gave me the nickname Zep) during this show. She wanted to listen to some of the show, and she was flipping through the dial, and she asked me what I was playing so that she would know when she found the right station. This was during the song Evil Woman, and I described how it sounded, and when she got to the right station, she told me that she knew it was my show after hearing the lyrics "woman, when I saw you comin', shoulda started runnin'"! Later on, Angie brought a piece of pizza down to the station to me, so I played the Rolling Stones' song in thanks, since it's the only song I could think of that had any mention of the name 'Angie'...