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Here are some brief descriptions of some story ideas I have in my mind (as well as a few finished stories). They're basically just fantasy worlds I like to think about from time to time, and would like to compose into some coherent form some day if possible.

WARNING: These stories may contain thematic content not suitable for those of a weak constitution, or an unduly strict moral fiber. If you are offended by the dark side of human nature, I do not recommend you read them. Fantasy can be an escapist dream world of great beauty, but it can also breed the kind of hideous terrors that only exist within the deepest shadows of the subconscious. You have been warned.

Ascension - A story to be told in multiple parts. The first part chronicles a soul's journey from death, through the various stages of Hell, until finally reaching purity, against all odds. A prequel is possible, which tells the story of creation, and how the primary demons descended from Heaven. Ultimately, the story will continue to include the soul (from the first part)'s journey into Heaven after being purified, and the subsequent assault on Heaven from the inside...ultimately ending in the Demons taking control of Heaven and creating a brand new hierarchy of Divinity. (Preview: 13 Stages of Hell)

Jabberwocky - Classic fantasy tale, about a colony surrounded by a dangerous Wilderness full of wild beasts and magical creatures. Fundamentally, it is a story of revenge, about one man's journey to slay the beast that laid waste to his home and family, and everything he knew and cared about in the world. Along the way, he meets a swordsman, an old hermit, and an enchanting fae, whose spell drives him to forget his task and wander aimlessly through the Wilderness before finally reaching the conclusion.

Dragonfaith - Actually, this is entirely intended to be the plot of an old-school 2D RPG along the lines of classic Final Fantasy. A technologically advanced society is utterly destroyed by an unfamiliar ancient artifact in the hands of an extremist religious cult who summons powerful dragons to tear man's civilization apart. The survivors band together to form isolated communities while the Earth begins to grow anew, lush and green in place of the old metallic scenery of man. Many wild beasts keep man's growth in check, as do the elemental dragons who now own the planet, and the cult members themselves who use the artifact's power to extend their lives. Maybe not the most original plotline, but the gameplay is where it all comes together.

The Rescue - Typical faery tale, prince rescues a princess, but with a much harder edge, adult-oriented. The story begins the night of the rescue, and continues as the duo escape through the dangerous Wilderness, overcoming extreme odds, and ends the moment they reach safety. Kind of a fast-paced extreme fantasy action story. Be nice if it was a character study, but what the hell do I know about characters?

Truth and Sloth (or In The Garden of Evelyn & Amelie) - The basis of this story is sort of a combination of two traditional ideas. The first is the idea that there were two women in the Garden of Eden - Eve, and also Lilith. The other idea is the Garden of Earthly Delights, which is a kind of sacrilegious version of Eden. The two women in this story are both predators, but not necessarily evil. The goal of the tale is that it's supposed to be a sort of depressing look at the reality of life and existence - so don't expect it to be a moral religious fable, or anything like that.