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Introduction: Actually, I think poetry is pretty pretentious. Some of the professional stuff is nice, but amateur poetry fails to inspire me. Even so, I've written some of my own amateur pieces. But it's not like I'm shoving them in anyone's face. The one thing that amateur poetry is good for is getting to know someone that you already have an interest in. So if you don't feel like reading amateur poetry, and you could care less about my feelings, then I completely understand if you leave and never give this page a second thought. But if you are curious, and would like to get to know me on a slightly deeper level, be my guest and read on...

August 2002
18 Future

April 2003
06 poetic

July 2003
18 Flower Child

June 2004
23 Love and Learn

September 2004
18 everyday

December 2004
23 Blues No More

January 2005
10 Dreamweaver
15 Thank You, Good Night
21 Working for the Machine
25 In A Dream

February 2005
05 Don't Tell Me
05 Running In Circles
19 fear laugh
20 Alone Together
20 Musings on a Snow Flake

March 2005
07 General Relativity Blues
1X The Grand Illusion
1X The Voyage of Haldir and Egon
18 When My Blood Flows Like Crimson
23 Pray To The Ceiling Fan

April 2005
04 yearning
07 shorts

May 2005
10 magic

June 2005
04 Malaised and Abused
04 White Cat
06 snapshot
09 Go At Your Own Pace
09 Twenty-One
18 That's The Blues
24 Rock One Out
27 at best life is an acquired taste
28 Sick Again

July 2005
05 fourth of july
09 Look Inside
19 Devil's Hold (Sweet Relief)

August 2005
08 Love Ramble
08 my pen runs on water

October 2005
11 Sitting On Top of the World
11 the poet
13 Eyes
13 points
30 Hell

December 2005
12 The Church Of Reason
28 Dark Noon

February 2006
12 The Sun Rises On Another Night

March 2006
18 Sittin' Beside My Window
29 Daylight Saving Blues

May 2006
02 take me for a ride

June 2006
24 communication breakdown

July 2006
12 Lone Wolf Lover Blues
17 clear as mud
23 Insurrection Ave

October 2006
06 The Solemn Grave

September 2007
13 The Eyeless Stare

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