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Don't Tell Me (You Know How It Feels)

don't tell me you know how it feels
cause I really don't think that you know how it feels
don't tell me, I'd rather you show me
show me how it feels

I took her to lunch, and bought her a snack
we sat there and laughed, then I walked her right back
we were havin' fun, and I wanted to stay
but I took my leave, and went my way

she invited me out, taught me to dance
showed me the moves, just the right stance
we hit it off, but when the lights went out
I was alone, filled with doubt

when the rain came falling, we shared an umbrella
she brought me upstairs, and baked mozzarella
we put on some tunes, but the rain quickly vanished
I left that palace, cold and famished

the day at the park, we sure had a blast
we both sat in front, and flew really fast
I was glad to be with her, she was glad to be there
it was quite an amusement, but it's still no fair

the day I saw her, the girl in the grass
the night I met her, holding a glass
all the time I loved her, she did not know
wouldn't make a difference, though