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Look Inside

everytime I look inside
I see the pain, and I wanna hide
so I look away, and try to forget
I lose myself, a little bit

when I close my eyes, I can see it all
will I find the way, or will I take the fall?
the longer I linger, the hurt sets in quicker
if I'm standing strong, why do I keep getting sicker?

the only time that I'm alive
is when I'm willing to take a dive
it seems the faster that I run
the easier it is to have some fun

at first the fear kept me at bay
I crawled inside, and hid away
my world became a cage of dark
circled by the patrolling shark

but when I learned the shark was kind
all I wanted to do was rewind
and now I feel I'm at a loss
this tumbling stone's gathered too much moss

even today, I still pretend
the silent void is my one true friend
but in the darkness a cool calm lies
to soothe the pain, if I realize

the fleeting beauty of a shooting star
outshines another, steady from afar
but the longer you live, the sooner you die
and the brighter you'll burn, if you're willing to try