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peace in your eyes
there's peace in your eyes
now I've come to recognize
that I won't tell any more lies
because when this feeling dies
that's when my heart cries

but now your eyes relax me
yes, your eyes relax me
they can put my soul to sleep
so I'll no longer want to weep
just the way I wished it to be
and I hope that soon you too will see

but for now your eyes shine bright
unguided by my own selfish light
and I could stare into them all night
and if I did, would that be alright?
the last thing I want is a fight
because that would just not be right

please don't change this day
and don't ever change your way
if I froze time, would it be okay?
this feeling I've got puts me to sway
and I don't want to feel it fade away
so just let me look into your eyes today

just let me look into your eyes today...